Dear CNN: This is not News; *This* is News

Dear CNN: You are in danger of being sued for false advertising, since you characterize yourself as a news channel. Just so you know, this is your home page as I write and it is mostly not actually news:

CNN HOME Page Today

If you’d like some help with recognizing actual news, you might check this site:

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17 Responses

  1. Once again JC, we are on the same page. The focus always seems to be on partisan networks like Fox or MSNBC, when in reality those networks which claim to be non-partisan are just as criminal. I open up as a way to have an early morning laugh, not to get any reliable or accurate picture of world events. On the afternoon of massive West Bank demonstrations for the UN 194 bid, the top stories on, if I recall correctly, were something about the new IPhone, something about psychology in the workplace and some celebrity doing something stupid. I think the public should be outraged. I think that in order to have honest conversations about the world we live in, people need to be accurately informed. And this is the role of the media. Their job isn’t to entertain an increasingly apathetic audience.

  2. To be fair, you can click on “international” and get news from CNN that isn’t geared towards the narcissistic jack wagons that CNN has to reach if they want the ratings/page clicks/ad views that their business model requires.

  3. notice al jazeera has nothing on bahrain, typical.

    become as bad as al arabia, or otherwise knowns as al herbewia.

    • that’s not so! i wouldn’t have even know about the bahrain uprising if i didn’t follow aljazeera english.

      filmakers, interviewed on democracynow, of a documentary covering bahraini activists, credited aljazeera for keeping the story alive throughout.

      just last night, aje covered the hunger strike and the grand prix controversy.

    • You’re an idiot, Bo. A complete idiot.

      Al Jazeera just won 2 prestigious awards for a documentary they produced on Bahrain.

  4. Ha! I had to comment on this. I am currently visiting my parents down in FL and during dinner we usually have Jeopardy playing in the background as we catch up on our daily-doings. Jeopardy started half hour late because the local news shared some breaking news… updates on the Zimmerman trial. I went on and on for 15 minutes on how complicit most Americans are because this is the sort of stuff that is highlighted and shared on the news. I found it hilarious that this was considered as “national breaking news”.

  5. There are better things for us to beat our breasts about, although there’s plenty of room for rolling eyes.

    AJ has a far more cosmopolitan perspective, audience, and mission, hence you have something like 20 stories here, two of which are from the US (and even these carry real interest for people living in a larger world).

    CNN is on the ropes against FOX, as it competes for the broader provincial audiences you see public TVs in hospital waiting rooms and and airport lounges inevitably tuned. These are nothing more or less, or worth getting exercised about, than those tabloids you see at the supermarket checkout.

    There is something to be bothered about here, but I think it’s the notion that an audience with such a limited worldview is responsible, somehow, for a democracy.

  6. This point has been made before, but here it goes again.

    The most important aspect of a commodity for capitalist producers (e.g., CNN) is the exchange value (i.e., price including profit), not the use value (usefulness). CNN’s incessant quest for profit requires they provide content that attracts the most viewers, advertising revenue and profit. Their role as a capitalist “news” organization is It is to provide content that attracts the viewers and readers their advertisers covet. They are literally indifferent to the content provided. Their primary motivation is profit. Their overriding concern is definitively NOT to provide content so that people can make informed decisions about important issues affecting their lives.

    Moreover, it’s not because they are bad people, they don’t know any better or they’re lazy as the superficial Jon Stewart says. The overriding profit dictate and logic of capitalism force the executives running the corporation to behave this way or many others right down the hall will happily and readily take their place and do it.

    • What if the advertisers have a right-wing bias, because they’re, after all, capitalists? Seems that OWS was not covered the way the Tea Party was. And if America’s news is different than everyone else’s, certainly it has become markedly far to the right of most of the industrialized world.

  7. Indeed, I totally like the al Jazeera English language web site. Have it bookmarked. Glad you gave them a plug.

  8. You can gripe about poor coverage of international events or lack of coverage of events in the middle east, but doing so by calling coverage of charges being announced against Zimmerman as “non-news” makes you look peevish and pedantic. And yeah, CNN’s Zimmerman coverage tagged with the lead of how Martin’s family feels about the charges being announced is also fluff, but still does not make your point that the Zimmerman announcement yesterday was allegedly not important news.

    • Other than the Zimmerman story(ies) that constitute(s) only a piece of that CNN page, the rest is total junk.

      Love this piece Juan!

  9. While CNN is not news, Al Jazeera also reflects Qatar’s Foreign Policy. Nothing is aired that conflicts with those goals, embarrasses Qatar domestically, like Bo Jackson commented above, there is nothing on Bahrain.
    link to

    “Key staff from Al Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau have resigned citing “bias” in the channel’s stance on the conflict in Syria…”
    link to

    • the syria regime is waging a propaganda campaign in order discourage media coverage of their atrocities the regime is brazenly committing in broad daylight in front of witnesses (something HRW has pointed out) from being covered.

    • Apparently the Left now hates Qatar and Al-Jazeera just as much as the Right does. My congratulations to the country for pissing off all the idiots, and for having been right about a higher % of things than all of America’s Gaddafi-lovers and America’s neocons have. Not that this counts for a damn with ideologues.

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