Omar Khayyam (128): Lovers are at home in heaven and in hell

Seekers of the truth look at the 
lovely and the ugly 
as the same.
Lovers are at home
in heaven and in hell.
Those who’ve lost their hearts can
dress in satin or sack cloth;
the infatuated
do not know if they are laying 
down their heads in clouds or
resting them on earthen bricks.

Translated by Juan Cole
from [pdf] Whinfield 128

4 Responses

  1. I very much enjoy these poems. I would love to someday purchase a book with them, perhaps with the originals mirrored on the opposite side.

  2. These seem to be masterfully brief indications of the essence of this or that existential position on the chess board. Thus the seekers of truth do not ascribe importance to the distinction between what is lovely and what ugly, precisely because it could very well be in the ‘ugly’ side of things that the ‘seekers of truth’ get most of their information. You know you have ‘lovers’ on your hands when their personal firewall, separating themselves from everything without, is strong enough to endure any environment. The one who loses her heart starts to ignore dress codes. I really enjoyed reading the poem. Thanks a lot.

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