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  1. Juan, you may want to re-translate. It simply is saying that the designs (shapes) of the flower and china dolls are images of Your face (Your face gave them those designs.) Then, all those pawns, created (given to Babylon) from your flirtatious look and they are only designs and not real.

  2. Fatwa Against Shahin Najafi:
    by Spiegel International

    So this is what exile in exile looks like. Fleeing the threats of Iranian ayatollahs, Iranian rapper Shahin Najafi, 31, has taken refuge in a garden house near Cologne, surrounded by chirping birds and a fig tree.

    Although he’s under police protection, the four fatwas that have by now been launched against him by leading religious clerics in Iran over the past few weeks seem incredibly far away. Najafi released a song in which he implored the 10th imam, Ali al-Hadi al-Naqi, to return to the Earth to sort out modern-day Iran’s problems. Shiites venerate al-Naqi, who died 1,143 years ago and was a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.

    The song has been downloaded over 500,000 times in Iran alone, and has received over half a million views on YouTube…more below


    link to iranian.com

  3. funny how human weakness is timeless and get repeated throughout history.

    checkmated the king
    of Babylon,
    after you took his pawns,
    bishops and rooks away.

    the dangers that come with having a lack of institutions:

    Influence in the Syrian regime, Jouejati said, is based on “patronage and who you know. It’s not at all surprising that a young lady would be in direct contact with the president, going over the heads of her father and the whole Foreign Ministry.”

    link to joshualandis.com

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