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  1. Poor folks only get about 20% of their GDP from US Aid.
    More money in war/almost/some for King Bibi; more excuses for for “Aid”.
    Missile shield is to cover his bum and so not to buy US Uni degrees in case kids get smart n stop aid.
    Imagine if every 10 million folk place needs a nuclear missile shield?
    Betchya he has a deals with both Balmy and Romney; they can lose not him.

  2. Netanyahu came to power as PM in 1996 as a surprise since it was assumed that the national mourning over the death of Yithzab Rabin would translate into his successor, liberal Labor Party leader Shimon Peres into easy retention of the prime minister’s seat he assumed after Rabin’s assassination at the hands of a right-wing extremist.

    The series of bus bombings in retaliation over the Israeli kiling of Hamas leader Yehia Ayyash, however, turned public opinion toward Netanyahu.

    “Bibi” has done very little to advance the peace process and has been seen as one who supports the settler movement.
    Jimmy Carter has stated that he believes the the potential exists for Netanyahu to achieve significant gains toward Middle East peace, as Menachem Begin had effectuated in the 1970s as a Likud leader.

    His only achievement with the Palestinians was the Palestinian prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit, which ha popular support among both Israelis and Palestinians.

    Currently, the political center of Israel has shifted left and a “March of a Million” is scheduled for mid-July to oppose internal Israeli government policies. 25 year old Daphni Leef, a leftist social activist who pledged not to serve in the IDF despite mandatory service, has toured the U.S. giving lectures on her activities. Meretz and Labor were expected to gain Knesset seats if an early election had been called this year – which it was not.

    The right-wing in Israel is losing some ground – but Bibi remains in solid charge.

  3. This screams about the inanity of Time magazine who also peddled the WMD in Iraq like no other publication. The worst of it is that they never apologize for their stupidity.

  4. Boy, I’d love to know who his PR handler is. Whoever it is deserves a huge raise. You know that NOBODY in Israel’s feisty press would ever author such a thumbsucker. This guy simply got taken to the cleaners.

  5. Nothing changes. Go back and read the Pentateuch, and on into 1 and 2 Kings. Does Bibi come before or after David? All about “slewing with the edge of the sword,” and taking slaves and booty and flocks. And land. By conquest. Or theft. And of course G_d approves… except when His People “fall away.”

  6. ‘King’ Bibi ? Time is playing upon people’s biblical fantasies/superstitions. ‘Armageddon’ is the subtext. And somehow it all comes out looking rosy. The delusion before the deluge.

  7. Relax boys and girls.

    The Times story is about nothing to get worked up and frothy over. Its all about giving succor to a stressed out Netanyahu and the Israeli establishment who are rallying around the flag against enemies foreign and domestic.

    Bibi is no King and the so called greatest coalition ever is founded upon fear, which sure as hell won’t last for long.

  8. Maybe he will also be their Man of the Year, like Hitler.


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