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  1. “So,” thinks the well-wisher, “This in-fighting between the different factions of the Egyptian protests movement is very unfortunate. I wonder if there could be some way to recapture the unity of last spring.”

    I guess we have our answer!

    As it turns out, the Muslim Brotherhood making a back-room arrangement with the generals wasn’t the most brilliant move in the history of Egyptian politics. Let the record show.

  2. Is the clash between Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF the beginnig of a new political crisis in Egypt, or is the beginning of a negotiation of balance in order to obtain a new balance of power among them in Egypt Politics?. Anyway, Egypt won´t be like before…

  3. No one is happy in Egypt. Happy!!?? “Its really an interesting time!” but that might be the whole world is now?

  4. this is actually on american and canadian news channels, and bbc world.

  5. Don’t you think that this so-called deal and big conspiracy between SCAF and MB is just a joke ? everything is on the table and the SCAF will not allow, and has the power not to allow, ANY transition solution which does not keep a good part of (political, economical and social) power to the military. United, the civilian forces would have been able to grab more than the MB could grab alone (which tends to be nothing if the trend continues).

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