Omar Khayyam (313) “wine loosens even cast-iron shackles”

Wine-bibbing makes people 
       less full of themselves,
and wine loosens even
    cast-iron  shackles.
If satan had only 
    tippled every night,
he would not have been cast down 
         from heaven for his pride.

Translated by Juan Cole
from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, [pdf] Whinfield 313/ Arberry 1949

2 Responses

  1. As a City supporter, the red mist would have descended and he would have been thrown out of Old Trafford anyway.

  2. Omar, the wine-bibber, is wonderfully entertaining. I wonder if he wrote these lines intending a laugh-out-loud response. Or perhaps he didn’t care at all about responses.

    June Butler

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