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  1. Should be a clear choice for voters. If only the 99% will vote they could defeat the 1%.

  2. Of course Obama steals from everybody and gives it to the joy stickers and throat slitters, aka the Military Industrial Complex.

    I know I’ll end up voting for him, but it’s a choice between a very dim candle and total darkness.

  3. Since Paul Ryan’s medicare piratization plan only affects those who are now 55 or younger, it steals from the younger and gives to the rich.

  4. If the Affordable Care Act is not repealed, poor people in states that accept the expansion plan will get medicaid regardless of age. Romney promises to repeal Obamacare. Is that, or is that not a difference between the candidates?

  5. Obama offered Social Security cuts during the Budget Hostage Fiasco. a Democrats in name only. lol so much for the Obama will save Social Security and Medicare retort.

    Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Evil and lesser Evil. Choices, Choices,Choices

    don’t we have fun!!

  6. What all of you white liberals pissing on Obama refuse to accept is how far the Right is willing to go. They want Obama’s minority base eliminated forever, before it becomes a majority. That is what “the good old days” and “taking our country back” obviously mean: apartheid.

    The only chance you have of your pet programs being saved is for whites to lose control of the political system. Voter ID and mass imprisonment of non-whites will be used to decimate the minority vote before that happens. White liberals have run out of ideas and the ability to energize their own young to stop the corporations from doing anything. Either you talk blacks and Latinos into doing it, or no one will do it at all.

  7. Totally 100% correct. We play the ball where it lies NOT where we wish it to lie. Romney/Ryan spells DEATH, that is ALL it DOES spell. As George Carlin presciently said in his American Dream Youtube: “They are coming after all of it, social sec., Medicare and ALL programs that lift people out of poverty and the streets! Romney/Ryan is LETHAL. There is a clear choice no matter how much this administration has not done all that progressives want. How would YOU do given this rancid Republican obstructionist Congress. It is amazing the things he HAS done. The glass for this administration is 3/4 FULL. Lacking one quarter is NOT due to Obama it is due to this rancid Tea Bagger Congress. GROW UP and deal with the world as it is not as you would like it to be. 100% is impossible for the BEST politician to achieve!

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