Top Ten Pieces of Bad News for Romney on Eve of Convention

1. Ron Paul declined the opportunity to speak at the Republican Convention because he does not “fully support” Mr. Romney. Paul as the leader of the Libertarian wing of the party and as someone who appeals to youth may just have done some damage, fomenting division at Tampa in Republican ranks.

2. Romney staffers were hoping for a bounce in Florida because the GOP convention is being held in Tampa. But former Republican governor of Florida Charlie Crist has come out for President Obama.

3. Some 60% of likely voters say Obama is in tune with the problems of women. Only 30% say that about Romney.

4. Romney is so tone deaf that he keeps talking about his Swiss and Cayman Islands secret bank accounts. His complaint that he is not going to manipulate his life by closing them reminds me of the BP chairman’s complaint that the Gulf oil spill was making his life miserable.

5. A new poll of likely voters gives Obama a 9-point lead in Pennsylvania. Romney is way behind in electoral college delegates and would need to shift a major state like Pennsylvania into the red column if he is going to win. But that strategy may not be feasible for him.

6. Romney’s relationship to Bain Capital and the continued tax benefits he received from it at a time he says he had already left, may reemerge as campaign issues.

7. The specter of Todd Akin of “legitimate rape” notoriety haunts Tampa. Mike Huckabee, who will address the convention, may be planning to defend the Missouri senate candidate who said women can’t get pregnant from being raped. Romney has been running hard away from Akin even as the GOP platform has adopted the “no exceptions” Akin plank in opposition to abortion. See number 3 above.

8. 53% of voters say that Obama “cares about the needs of people;” Romney? Only 39% say that about him.

9. The American public likes Federal services and does not want to give them up for the sake of tax cuts for billionaires. Romney’s plan? Cut Federal services so as to give his rich cronies tax breaks.

10. Romney had hoped for the undivided attention of the press and the public at Tampa, so as to launch himself into the last phase of the campaign. But he may well have to compete with Hurricane Isaac, especially if it gathers strength in the Gulf and slams into the coast.

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21 Responses

  1. Republicans like science for their own personal medicine; for how to get out the vote; for weapons…. but not for the environment. The empirical strikes back. It didn’t have to Katrina the place to make the point. You can have government regulate or nature regulate. You won’t like nature’s regulation as it has the conscience of a shark.

  2. Nice list. The only questionable item is #5. Given the voter-suppression laws being passed in PA this year, a 9 point lead in a pre-election poll may not be particularly meaningful unless the pollsters took into account those who would be impacted by these new laws.

    link to

  3. hey, I’m a conservative, though not a Republican,
    I can see no possible way for Romney to win – conservatives don’t trust him.

    The best thing that could happen to the GOP would be a brokered convention.

    • Brian: Here are some ways for Romney to win:

      1. $$$$$ Obama is currently desperately appealing for $5 donations.

      2. He’s not Bob Dole. (Sure, he doesn’t stand for anything but corporate greed, but who could pull that off better?)

      3. Obama has been ducking the press for months and can no longer draw or risk exposing himself to a big crowd.

  4. The lack of firm support from Ron Paul bodes poorly for Mitt Romney.

    Clearly the most enthuiastic wing of the GOP is the Ron Paul bloc. The pick of Congressman Ryan was injudicious at best. If a young libertarian-oriented candidate was chosen as a running mate – such as Sen. Rand Paul – this would have united the Republicans and also drawn anti-war youth votes.

    • There are many in the right wing that do not like Congressman Ryan, this includes factions of the Newt supporters, as well Ron Paul people.

      However, Romney seeking office is a concern of everyone from every political view, or it should be to the wise. The backlash against Romney at the convention is grassroots stemming from a concerned body of people representing various views within the GOP (and outside independents) who are concerned over corruption Romney is involved in.

      Romney has liberal friends Mitt is aligned with, so no side has a clean slate with it comes to Mitt.

    • Ironically, libertarians Ron and Rand Paul don’t believe in abortion rights either. They simply want the right to be taken away by right-wing state legislatures. You know, the same ones that have always tried to take away voting rights.

      But Paul Ryan is the perfect Paul for the GOP; a fanatic who consistently defines liberty only as those things white male property owners want to do, and everything else as mortal Catholic sin. We didn’t need Big Government in the 13th Century; the Pope and the barons did our thinking for us.

  5. For all his faults, these are strong reasons for voting for Obama. I think one has to be seriously demented to go for the GOP this year. But the GOP is offering many opportunities in that regard, from good old fashioned GOP greed (is not Romney the poster boy for that?) to some fanatic form of racism, religious belief, xenophobia, etc.

  6. Wow. I had NO idea he’d said that about the Swiss and Cayman bank accounts. Tone-deaf hardly captures it. It is simply profoundly unbecoming for a candidate for president of the U.S. to hold such accounts. This is absolutely not the same as what _I_ think of as “foreign investments”. But I’m way the heck down into the 99%, so what do I know?

  7. The Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment comes on the tail end of a political season that has been framed as the GOP’s “War on Women” highlighted at the opening by Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke and birth control. This Akin’s comment came at exactly the wrong moment for the GOP. As the Republican base continues to shift to the right, their nominees are making more and more outrageous comments. Say goodbye to independents.

  8. My concern is the ‘liberal media’ with their obsessive need to repeat and repeat debunked lies to supposedly create debate. let’s discuss the true policies and their impact on the America people.

    Perhaps I ask for too much but you cannot grow and flourish a true democracy when the truth is lost and all we hear discussed are the lies, misinformation. People want policies debated, discussed not the politics of who told the best lie, the best whopper in the news cycle.

  9. 11. God has sent Isaac to disrupt and confound the GOP convention…..

    • Ah, but G_d has spared the Reds (including the ones frequenting Tampa’s famous Red Light establishments, coming and going and spilling their seed via “private covered entrances” free from reporting eyes.) S/He has redirected Isaac to deliver another blow to the Evil City of New Orleans, where I have seen perverse acts committed in my own presence and where public and private corruption, a behavior and condition unknown amongst the Select Delegates and Imperial Hangers-On, is rampant and open.

      So you see, John Hagee and Tedd “He was just carrying my bag” Haggard have prayed for the Babylonians, and G_d has answered, and all’s well in the mystical world of White Christian Politics.

  10. As a fairly conservative Republican I think the Democrats need to pound, pound, pound on Romney’s dubious ethics when it comes to taxes and investments. And none of this compromising on five years of returns crap either. That just reminds people of Obama’s fundamental lack of a spine. Obama should be emphasizing he has shown his birth certificate AND his tax returns, Romney has done neither (maybe he does not want to remind people he is the son of a Mexican immigrant). What about taking business deductions on expenses at a time he claims he had no management role in Bain Capital? There are dozens of questions that should be raised about Romney’s loyalty to money rather than to the US.

    I cannot stomach Obama’s betrayal of the Constitution but Romney should be answering questions from the IRS, not campaigning for the Presidency.

  11. Former Florida governor Charlie Crist seems to have ended his political career; it’s a puzzle that he’s been tapped to speak at the Democratic convention.

    Florida’s voting mess is a serious problem, with non-uniform voting hours around the state:
    link to

  12. Wondering when the GOP rank and file will notice one other item – Romney’s making a profit of $13 million off buying and selling stock in SteriClean. And collecting a share of its $49.5 million income while he owned that stock. SteriClean is a medical waste management company that makes its nut from, among other things, incinerating aborted fetuses. Yeah, the very thing the GOP says it cares so much about. Hmm…

  13. We see estimates that Romney needs 61% of the white vote to get a majority. But that is complicated by the fact that half the white vote- women are proving resistant to him, so that he really must win an even bigger percentage of white men. A campaign that is targetted to uneducated white males can’t be good for the country.

  14. Besides “all of the above,” we must remember that the 2010 Republicans won the House of Representatives on a “Jobs” and “economy” message; they then did a 180 over the last two years and did everything to thwart economic recovery just so President Obama would lose the 2012 election. Perhaps, Americans “do remember,” and this is a reason why the Tin Man is not running on that messaging?

  15. Both Romney and Obama represent the corrupted rich who are killing themselves and America by stealing more and more from Americans that create and maintain their wealth.

    The power and control of corrupt billionaires/millionaires over the government, politics and the lives of Americans must be ended – thus, Occupy movements.

    A real way to end this corruption is for the Occupy movements to be inspired and organized into supporting and recommending individual candidates for all federal, state, county and local elections that are honest, “wise” and that would represent and relate to the 99% of Americans.

    America with a debt of 15 trillion dollars cannot borrow its way out of debt.

    The controlled mass news medias are brain washing Americans.

  16. I think Mitt Romney is in trouble. John H. Meier has been contacted by the Canadian government by U.S. Officials requesting information on Gay, Romney, Bain and Hughes Medical. Mr.Meier’s has been in communication with me for awhile. New blog post up on my website regarding the contact with Mr. Meier’s.

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