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  1. Great cartoon. Pretty consistent with her claim that nude pornographic photos of Obama’s mother have been suppressed, her claims that black South Africans are plotting a “genocide” against whites, her defense of accused Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic, and her admiration for Geert Wilders…

  2. Pam Geller calls the West Bank “Muslim Occupied Territory”.
    I think a lot of Zionists imagine that they are like Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket. They have a romantic Old West fantasy of fighting the savages. It’s a delusion that doesn’t work in the 21st century.

  3. I object to Geller’s characterizing Israel as “civilized”. while its universities and theaters and orchestras and such like may well be “civilized” its vastly militarized society and military/police so overwhelm the “civilized” as to put it in the company of “police states” (even out-doing the USA), and (by my reckoning) a police state is not “civilized”.

    Even if Israel “must” be a police state” because of the dangers of its “dangerous neighborhood”, one must always recall that Israel CHOSE to enter this neighborhood via terrorism and war; this was by no means forced upon Israel. And the neighborhood is dangerous (for Israel) BECAUSE of Israel’s initial terror/war – based takeover of Palestine and its continuing expansion and expansive war-making.

    Unless permanent criminality (maintaining oneself by illegal force) can be called civilized, Israel is not and has never been civilized.

  4. Could this hate and racism be any more blatant?

    A brief look at history and we see that the invaders, colonialists, occupiers, have always called themselves the “spreaders of civilization.”

    The west demonstrated its superior “civilization,” didn’t it, by using force and violence to colonize “backward peoples.”

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