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  1. I wonder if I would feel better denying the historicity of GWBush. I might feel better if I regarded the GWBush presidency in the same way some people regard the alleged moon landings… Hmmm. Hopefully someone will go to work on proving the GWBush presidency never happened. Some parts of the GWBush legend are hard to swallow, frankly.

    • I like this idea.

      “…and then, while they were saying that security was the Iraqis’ problem, they disbanded the Iraqi army.”

      “Oh, yeah, right. Like that would actually happen. You’re just making this up as you go along aren’t you?”

    • “– I might feel better if I regarded the GWBush presidency in the same way some people regard the alleged moon landingsā€¦–”

      You error in comparing the moon landings to the criminal GW Bush presidency which resulted in death, pain, suffering and misery to millions of Americans. His presidency included millions of cohorts, white collar criminals like those of the corrupt banking industry that got and continue to receive bonuses, bailouts….

      You appear to be educated, intellectual, knowledgeable and possibly rich. And arrogant, unable to truly relate to or represent the average American, the 99%. You prefer to ignore the corrupt presidency which resulted in the deaths of ten’s of thousands of Americans that thought they were fighting for their country, the millions of Americans that loss their homes and/or jobs due to the corrupt financial/banking industry, and the millions of citizens that lack health care including native, natural born or naturalized citizens, aliens that have successively completed the legal process of which many if not most Americans would fail without extensive studying.

      My point, what are you and other educated, intellectual, knowledgeable individuals doing about the current idiot elections? Ignoring it or accepting the status quo? Or simply, nothing because you can’t or won’t.

      Is Obama a sleeper that is going to do miraculous things if the Democratic party gains control of Congress?
      I would appreciate answers and suggestions to these questions. Please ignore my ignorance and correct errors.

      Could Obama have forced the banking industry to rent homes to those that have or are facing foreclosures like the British government did instead of completing the foreclosures and tossing the families out on the streets, into bankruptcy or into the struggle of moving, etc? Why can’t America learn from the success of other countries? Maybe because the corrupt billionaires/millionaires have their corrupt plans.

      Could Obama have used or can he still use the presidential executive orders? to tax the rich and their corporations? end the Bush Era Tax Cuts to the rich? Will he get money out of elections and education?

      Clinton raised the taxes on the rich and corporations which resulted in the greatest expansion of America’s economy, jobs and wealth. Will the new Congress that is half millionaires and the half becoming millionaires, refuse all tax increases to the rich and their corporations and the end to the Bush Era Tax Cuts to the rich?

      For the truth about the Bush Cuts see: link to cbpp.org

      Romney should be in jail for his lies(disguised as ignorance or mistakes), excessive spin and manipulation of the truth. His ignorance, real or bogus, about the Middle East and Iran alone should make him ineligible for running for any political office. But the average American including the 50% of Americans that are working class, not in the middle class, expects some spin and lies is unable or does not sift through the garbage of the mass news medias for the truth. They listen or watch the evening news or in their cars. They don’t blog or search for the truth.

      It’s becoming clear that a majority of wars in the Middle East and around the world are just a source of income for the corrupt billionaires and their: royal families, their Military Industrial Complex, their controlled mass news medias, their puppet millionaire & billionaires and their corporations, including the Federal Reserve and the IRS are, apparently private corporations. Add to the list of corrupt control the FDA, Hollywood, the health industry, education, etc.

      Bush got elected because the corrupt billionaires control the mass news media which controls/manipulates what the majority of Americans think and do. They also control the majority of corporations and other systems required to produce and maintain the necessities of life and supply the luxuries.


      • Mr. Swimmer, I would like to inform you that this was in fact snark, a joke approaching some witty satire. It mocks the absurdity of the evils the Bush Administration got away with as well as denial Republicans have of his administration.

        Or, to put it more simply, when you confront Republicans with the devastation caused by President “Dubya” Bush, they tend to deny his very existence, and that is absurd to the point of hilarity.

        • …..AND, having thoughtfully considered everything, Romney and the GOP are determined to go back to precisely those policies that worked so very well for Bush, chapter and verse.

      • At least you Americans had a chance to decide if Bush was suitable for President. Most of those of you who bothered to vote supported him. When he launched his crusade of aggression the vast majority of you Americans cheered him on. The thousands of Americans who have died fighting his stupid wars were not conscripts and many volunteered knowing they ware to be part of an occupation army.

        Those outside the US had no such choices. Some drove through streets where trigger happy US troops and contractors shot anyone who may have got too close. Others became ‘collateral damage’, blown up in their own homes or strafed by sky robots. Nearly everyone outside the US suffered as the greed and incompetence of Americans drove the world into recession.

        So I do not have much sympathy for Americans. You are to blame for the Bush Presidency.

        • I agree.

          So when are the democracies of Europe going to kick us out of NATO for dragging them into stupid wars and forcing our double standards onto them? When are they going to stop trying to screw each other financially and unite against our madness? When will they become the true democratic power opposing the various creeping authoritarianisms of America, Russia and China?

          As Benjamin Franklin said against the threat of another hegemon, “We must all hang together, or all hang seperately.”

  2. When Nixon failed, they said it was because he wasn’t a true conservative.

    When Bush I failed, they said it was because he wasn’t a true conservative.

    When Bush II failed, they said it was because he wasn’t a true conservative.

    This is an old religious trick. If you double down on your fanaticism, God will like you again.

    It’s time we challenged them on the end game. Can they name one leader from American history who was conservative enough for them?

    Glenn Beck denounced Teddy Roosevelt for instituting the income tax and daring argue that inequality was a threat to democracy. Since all Republican presidents since have failed to reverse his policies, they are all off the list.

    Ron Paul denounced Lincoln as a tyrant and supported the South’s right to secede. That disqualifies all Republican presidents period.

    Jefferson Davis? He wouldn’t have been conservative enough, because he didn’t share Sarah Palin’s New Apostolic Reformation belief in the dangers of witchcraft. He would have considered her ridiculously out of date. This also disqualifies all the Founding Fathers.

    So confront Republicans. How far back do they want to go?

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