Campaign Humor from the Candidates: Obama and Romney do Stand-Up

Barack Obama tells jokes at the Al Smith dinner, three weeks before the election.

Obama observes that he was much more awake in the second debate, having gotten a nice long nap during the first one. He said he had done some shopping in New York City; he heard Gov. Romney had done some shopping for some stores in New York City. Of Romney: ‘Actually, “Mitt” is his middle name. I wish I could use my middle name.’

Romney’s turn:

‘I was hoping the president would bring Joe Biden along this evening– because he’ll laugh at anything.’

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3 Responses

  1. Our first duty as citizens, world citizens is to ensure Earth survives and children can have a future.. And that means Hope
    ;but that can only be realized for real if runaway heat is so beat Because Arctic is broken as Earth’s temperature control..
    That will take change even to joke punchline laughter cause..-
    Because when Sea rise is laughed at as though it didn’t exist.
    That means each and every citizen laughing is in fact out of sync with what will keep the Earth alive.. It is our duty to Protect.. To protect Nature and God’s good Earth.
    Drone strikes must end, people harming each other harms Earth.
    Harms the hopes of the future for those who still may be born.

  2. Mitt is promoting extnding bush tax cuts–dumb dumb
    1% get 37.6%–5% get 48.3% and bottom 60% get 16.4%

    It is a gift to the rich and all is borrowed money.
    Why do we continue to borrow to let the rich get richer?

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