Romney Ridiculed ‘Rising of Seas,’ Pledged Deep cuts to FEMA (Videos)

Mitt Romney makes fun of President Obama’s pledge to slow the rising of the world’s oceans, caused by climate change, and his Republican audience tittered. Instead, Romney pledged to “help you and your families.”

In general, more moisture in the air and higher ocean temperatures, both of which help hurricanes be more damaging, result from global warming. The reason Sandy was able to maintain hurricane force winds all up an down the East Coast is that the ocean off the northeast coast is unusually warm. In turn, elevated sea surface temperatures are linked to climate change. Likewise, sea rises because of global warming are not uniform around the world, and the US east coast has experienced more rising than most places, making storm surges more deadly. The storm surge into New York City was over 11 feet high.

Local news broadcasts often get away with saying things that big Corporate News won’t allow itself to pronounce in public.

Hence the flooding in New York City:

Not only is Mitt Romney promoting the burning of coal and other greenhouse gas-producing fuels that will make storms fiercer and fiercer over time but he is also in favor of cutting funding for The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), as Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks program on Current TV explains:

Romney’s cuts to Federal funding for FEMA would amount to about 53%; as usual he would pass these costs on to someone else, in this case the states.

Just to review: North Carolina, and Virginia, if you do in fact vote for Romney, you are voting to screw yourselves over, big time.

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  1. Mr. Cole,
    I agree with all you have said, but is President Obama really that much different? For example, he has squandered Copenhagen and did a 180 degree turn on Keystone. What all that’s been said by President Obama, a good question is: where is the beef?

    Thank you.

    • Romney seems ready to declare a jihad to destroy Tesla, a company that is proving that electric vehicles need only economies of scale to become competitive with more and more classes of gasoline cars.

      The purpose of subsidies for electric cars and alternative energy (as opposed to those for gas and oil) is to give the technology a chance to improve via real-world experience, and show the citizens that alternatives are possible. This is seen by the Far Right as a threat to the American way of life, whether government-subsidized or not.

      We are not doing enough, but the GOP is demanding to do far worse. It has no choice but to force-boom the economy to hide the failure of trickle-down economics.

    • So, who are your scientific experts?

      Scientists hired by Exon Mobil? The Bible? A list off the rightwing spin machine which doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny?

      It’s science which is telling us this.

      I don’t know who you are so I can not speak for you. But I do know that many deniers of man made climate change do not base their opinions on objective facts. The various (and often obvious) two and twos science offers us. In fact, most deniers offer their own purely subjective conclusions? Are you sure that this is not a case of science conflicting with your assumptions?

      At any rate, we better wake up (we’re pretty much alone in the wold on that matter of denial) and soon. And we need leadership in Washington.

    • They only consider city-dwellers to be Americans when they’re being attacked by enemy people, not destabilized nature. Compare the response to 9/11.

      Why is this? Humans can only focus on an enemy that has a face, but then it dehumanizes that face. Is it because we believe human threats can be bombed out of existence while nature can’t? Is it because the act of war glorifies persons and characteristics we find desirable, but the act of ecological management doesn’t?

      One day, if we are unfortunate, our own Air Force will be sent by a future far-right regime to bomb our cities to punish them for their liberalism. How will various types of Americans will react then? We need to consider that now.

  2. It seems to me the Obama campaign should immediately make a campaign ad featuring that disgraceful moment. (And listen to the delegates laugh with satiric joy.)

    But was this moment one of the few moments global warming was even mentioned during the campaign?

    Why do I doubt the Obama campaign will exploit this? Because the subject is too controversial? Because he doesn’t want to get into it?

    If re-elected he damn well better get into it. Or it’s going to get us. Some of the pundits on the MSM referred to Sandy as a “one in a hundred year event.” Without even mentioning global warming.

    • The speed of change is catastrophic. What’s underway is a sudden increase of Earth’s temp as described on Arctic News
      link to
      There is such a rapid change happening that references to hundred year events is total blather.. In one hundred years the way things are going Earth could well be losing all life..

  3. I think an ad that shows Romney ridiculing Obama’s desire to stop the rising of the seas, followed by Romney’s pledge to eliminate FEMA followed by Chris Christy’s praise of Obama’s response to Sandy would speak for itself.

  4. The Obama campaign should at least make an ad ripping Romney for attacking FEMA. I suspect many voters, even among the thickest, could be persuaded that FEMA has an essential value, especially if they are receiving aid. Throughout the midwest, south, wherever Sandy passed.

    Giving FEMA to the states? Privatizing it? Only the most orthodox would buy that……

    • Don’t forget GOP attempts to destroy agencies involved in meteorological and oceanographic research.

  5. as if the Red states care what happens to the Blue states. the Blue States pay most of the taxes for the Red state governors to pander to the Right wing base. the Blue States pay for this, to have their own throats cut. Blue states need to stop paying for their own hanging.

    cause some pigs are more equal, said Napoleon Pig.

    if you didn’t read Atlas Shrugged, you better. that is where a lof of the hatred for the Blue States comes from, among others.
    Red State looters vs Blue State producers

    stupidity isn’t just found in the Red States, the Blue states better wake up. and go Galt and refuse to pay for all the Welfare States/Red States moochers. our own Mao like Jindal/La. is proofof stupidity and his earthquake funding right before the earthquake incident.

    sometimes i laugh to think that there is a Human God especially when his anger at Red States’ stupidity shows up in things like Hurrican Sandy, Good Job Brownie, and Jindal’s Earthquake comments, buteven then the Right goes into full attack mode a la The Ch ristian Taliban, who never pass up an opportunity to blame Gays,a Kenyan Muslim Usurper, Uppity Women and Latinoes for any Natural Disaster.

    to have such a vengeful God speaks volumnse of lack of Christianity in the man who describe God that way.

    like a Naughty Santa Claus. but only the Right can blame the Left. never the other way around, using a Christian/Taliban God at that.

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