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  1. It was funniest when dealing with Mitt and Tagg’s reaction to being called out as liars by the president. By actual count, Mitt Romney has lied 856 times since January; in contrast, George W. Bush lied a documented 935 times about Iraq. Romney is giving Bush a run for his money. (www.ukprogressive.co.uk/hard-to-believe-romney-lies-like-bush/article20560.html)

  2. Very funny, and as usual with SNL it was all downhill form there.

  3. Why did the US media fall for this ridiculous article published by WND?

    A Time to Betray, a book title well chosen by author Reza Kahlili. IMO a bogus story to delegitimize President Obama’s Iran policy, see witness statement by Hamid Reza Zakeri. In Kahili’s biography he states “working for Congress.” Must be a job in the staff for Issa and King.

    • What in the world is that lame cherry blog you linked to? My head hurts from just TRYING to read that. What the hell. The internet is so weird.

      • Murky Matters. Do you know a better way to illustrate how a lame Peter King, chairman Committee on Homeland Security, base his Iran policy on an interview with “CIA asset” Reza Kahlili. Watch the video interview on his blog. Head hurts everytime King argues.

  4. As a native New Yorker, I thoroughly enjoyed the characters of New Yorkers asking questions. I almost didn’t recognize Tom Hanks

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