Top Ten Most Popular Informed Comment Postings, 2012

It has been an incredible year, with the Republican presidential primary, the mass shootings in Aurora, Wisconsin and at Newtown, Mass.; the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya; and the fall presidential campaign. Informed Comment was there at every step of the way. These are the pieces that went viral in the past year:

1. On how Rick Santorum is a cafeteria Catholic and ignores most of the contemporary church authorities’ social teachings.

2. The most distasteful things about GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s visit to Jerusalem, which included a fundraiser.

3. The Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others.

4. Paul Ryan was for big deficits before he was against them.

5. Your election is being bought by 47 billionaires, and they are buying war, climate change.

6. Top Ten repeated Paul Ryan lies. This year’s presidential campaign was marked by an unusual disregard for the truth, but Ryan took the cake.

7. Obama plays hardball and Egypt’s Morsi folds. After angry crowds attacked the grounds near the American embassy, Obama demoted President Muhammad Morsi from being an ally of the US.

8. Romney jumps the shark: Egypt, Libya and the Butterly effect.

9. Top Ten myths about the Israeli Attack on Gaza.

10. Questions I ask myself about the Connecticut school shooting.

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