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  1. I love Iran and always will. I lived there and loved there and found it to be a miracle of beauty; social love; wealth and advancement. I have stood by my love Iran and feel I added to its success by my constant writing and work on behalf of my love OF Iran. Julia Afaghi Simmons; with a degree in Islamic Social REvolution (wrote thesis on how Iran Ullamah got control of revolution) form UC Santa Cruz. Have 1 Iranian son and my Iranian husband died young of liver cancer. His family; Afaghis/ Roshanzamir Mahmoudi live in Los Angeles/Beverly HIlls/ WEstwood

  2. For those who have never gone far afield of the U.S., everything seems a little less ‘human’ inasmuch as there is no common experience, nothing deemed worthy of sharing. I experienced this in Turkey, Korea, Europe, and other locales … places that are foreign and exotic that might be comparable to some spicy food when the Americans are accustomed to boiled potatoes and well-done meat. Anything out of the ordinary gives rise to acid indigestion, even without so much as a taste of other cultures’ fare.

    • You may like to rethink Srebrenica as well. Try Diana Johnstone “Fools’ Crusade”.
      Lots of lovely western massacres as well, sedona.Not to mention the Shah.

  3. Well, Sedona, I’m sure Iran will look better after your neocon buddies send the Pentagon to do to it what we did to Iraq… and Afghanistan… and Vietnam… and Cambodia. The way was prepared by hatemongering propagandists, anti-Communists and anti-Moslems, putting out bullshit about the _____ Menace. Lurid tales about babies pulled from incubators, weapons of mass destruction, etc.

    Are you auditioning to join this proud lineage? Or do you ever bother to soil your hands with suggestions for a non-violent solution that doesn’t violate international law?

  4. One wonders if the “average American,” looking at this mashup, only sees places to hide nuclear enrichment and Dimona-grade facilities in the landscape, only wonders which of those trucks on the highways are carrying parts of Weapons of Mass Mythification, only is sure that all those unAmerican faces conceal secret plots to Take Over, only reassures him- or herself that the banners all read “Death To The Great Satan!” and “Death To America!” because, after all, they are written in that evil Arabic script…

    Where would one find job postings for “propagandist” or “troll” or whatever the subtle players are called, these days, who pop up to slant and poison and obscure the public discourse away from anything that reveals the real nature of the Game and deflects any reflections on what might actually bring that silliness called “peace” and its unprofitable-because-unvolatile partner, “stability?” The pay must be pretty decent, and the job security too, on whatever “side” is hiring…

  5. I have been to Iran twice, and I love it there. The people are friendly and generous. They have some of the most amazing artifacts, not just of their own history but of human history. Their culture elevates art and beauty, and you can drink pomegranite juice before breakfast every day. What could be better!

    Between my own photos and those of my fellow travelers I have hundreds of these kinds of pictures. I usually spend a year after a delegation going around showing photos and telling my stories at public libraries, and for church groups and peace activists. People are shocked to see such a modern society where a significant percentage of the people speak English. But I try to leave them with a picture of people who, not so different from themselves, want to live in peace and prosper; who value education, and love their families and who are deeply loyal to their homeland.

    Who could conceive of bombing this place or strangling its society for political gain? I would like for every one to travel to the home of their perceived enemies an see who really lives there. Wars would end. Of course that would be highly inconvenient for those who profit from the wars. But the rest of us would be just great.

  6. Thanks for posting my video Mr. Cole. I really wish more people had the opportunity to see this side of the country.

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