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  1. Good to see Ralph Nader out to an early lead in the Iranian elections! People in the U.S. couldn’t appreciate his honesty when it came to the pernicious effect of allowing corporations to govern our country.

  2. No to blanket sanction on Iranian people
    No to War
    No to Barbaric Islamic Regime and their supporters and also their lobbyist (NIAC, …… and many other traitors)
    No to Barbaric Islamic Regime Reformist (Mousavi, Khatami,….. and many other traitors)
    No to Monarchy, MEK, Communist, Dictatorships, any form of Religious and or Islamic governments and Sharia Laws

    Yes to unlimited sanctions, pressure, war,…on Barbaric Islamic Regime, Islamic Regime Reformist, and their Supporters & Lobbyist
    Yes to Freedom, Independency, Justice, and Democracy for Iran and Iranian people

    The Islamic regime in Iran is not legal and not legitimate….so please do not use the word “Islamic regime of Iran” instead use “Islamic Regime”.

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