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  1. Opposing voices to Iran has Nukes will not be allowed on Meet the Press, Bob Schiffer, Fox (That goes without saying), CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, ABC Nightly News, Today Show, Good Morning America and sadly MSNBC.

  2. Iran is diffent than Iraq, the short answer it would be a different war and Iran is far more aggressive that Iraq ever was under Saddam, Iran is also lined up with other rogue states, namely north Korea, Iraq and Saddam was not

    • You write that “Iran is far more aggressive that Iraq ever was under Saddam”. You may be correct, but my understanding is that unlike Iraq and Israel Iran has not launched a war of aggression (“the supreme crime”)in the course of modern history. Certainly they’ve not done so as recently as Israel (ctr. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey [Mavi Marmora] and the United States [USS Liberty])or Iraq (ctr. Iran, with US support).

    • Rogue states? You got Iran all lined up in the same sight picture as North “Dennis Rodman is the Jane Fonda of 2013” Korea? Now that’s some in-depth analysis. And as for a definition of “rogue state,” what is your working text? Maybe you could find some guidance here, link to jpi-nyu.org…Jason-Rose1.pdf ? Or for simplicity, ” a state that conducts its policy in a dangerously unpredictable way, disregarding international law or diplomacy.” Since the US rulership gets to define whatever it does as “legal,” I guess we get a pass on being a “rogue state.” And Israel under the current rulership? The N.Kors maybe have a couple of nukes that maybe they can “deliver” somehow; the Iranians have none, the Israeli rulers have maybe 200 or 400 that very surely CAN be delivered, and of course “we” have thousands, along with our other toys that we are using to try to control the behaviors of “states” and individuals all across the planet.

      Being a little arbitrary and erratic and starting wars of choice and arranging or accomplishing the overthrow of other nations’ governments and threatening anyone who doesn’t toe some moving and arbitrary line that defines the extent of “US National Interests?” It’s OK if you’re a US-an, I guess… Don’t let dispassionate reality get in the way of a heavy meal of jingoist comfort food…

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