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  1. I must disagree with what he said that writing is the same as photography!
    Deema Barghouti, is she really a Saudi? We all know that the Barghouti are a famous Palestinian Family.
    I wonder what is the added value of this film, photos shots? If the Suadi women really believe that they are empowered and have rights why can’t they still vote or drive alone in own car in year 2013?

    • Agree. I would suggest to any one who say there is a change in Saudi Arabia to look deeper in that society. The regime and its luckies treat women and immigrants wosrse than dirt. Women’s treatment is worse than any nation.

  2. He seems impressed with the number of women with college degrees. Did the woman with the cupcake franchise need a college degree for that? He is a photographer with no formal training in photography. The value that is placed on a college education is the silliest feature of modern times.

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