Police Clear Taksim Square: Turkey’s Protests and the Neoliberal Market (Cole interview)


On Tuesday morning, police in Istanbul moved on protesters at Taksim Square, using teargas and water cannon to clear them out. Police began dismantling the barricades erected by protesters.

301Plus News reports

Prime Minister Erdogan’s aggressive and confrontational style with the protesters has prompted the Chinese news agency Xinhua to do a story on the dangers Turkey faces economically if the protests continue. The stock market is already down 15% and

At Sam Seder’s Majority Report, Michael Brooks sat in as host on Monday and interviewed me on the NSA scandal and on the protests in Turkey. Below is the segment on Turkey:

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2 Responses

  1. We seem to be in a kind of anti-60’s. The occupy movement is wiped out in 2 weeks of “uncoordinated” police action, all local authorities using the same federally-supplied equipment and the same tactics(and therefore in no need of coordination). Across the world, longings for democracy, or at least representation, are expressed, crushed or supplanted, and fade. Authoritarian structures refine their techniques, and nobody much cares, as along as trade flourishes. Most curious.

  2. The clearing goes on this evening. The government sent provocateurs with SDP (socialist party) shields and banners out to throw Molotov cocktails. SDP immediately responded that it was not involved. Indeed, the only party protests have been the AKP-funded counter-demonstrations.

    The provocateurs are clearly the cover under which Istanbul Governor Mutlu will justify targeting people rather than “banners.” (Really, anyone who has traveled through Turkey knows that no one loves banners more than the government. They’re everywhere!)

    Things were worse last night at Kurtulus and Kizilay in Ankara.

    The government seeks to curtail or expunge twitter. Lawyers are being arrested in Istanbul at Taksim.

    RTE may have been democratically elected (if swapping coal for votes counts), but he is not captaining an authoritarian regime.

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