Israel’s District 9: Its Biggest Ethnic Cleansing since 1948

30,000 Palestinian-Israelis of Bedouin heritage are are being forcibly transferred by the Israeli government, and thousands of acres of their land is being stolen from them.

The 972 article compares it to Apartheid South Africa’s District 6, the inspiration for the film, “District 9”

The Palestinian-Israelis are mounting big protests today.

Aljazeera English reports

Amjad Iraqi writes:

“The echoes of District Six, however, are not isolated in the Naqab. Throughout Israel and Palestine, the state is continuing its process of population transfer to transform the ethnic landscape. Since 1993, at least 11,000 Palestinian Arabs from East Jerusalem had their residency status revoked due to government claims that their “center of life” is no longer in the city (this policy is not applied to Jews). In Jaffa and Akka, gentrification is deliberately employed to pressure Arab residents out of their neighborhoods and bring Jewish residents in their place. The uprooting of Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills, Jordan Valley and the rest of Area C aims to clear the land for Jewish settlements across the Occupied West Bank.

These racial policies are increasingly being consolidated into Israel’s legislation. In alarming resonance of South Africa’s “Group Areas Act”, the Admissions Committees Law (2011) allows communities in Israel to reject housing applicants based on “social suitability” and the “social and cultural fabric” of the town – implicitly sanctioning discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, and other such criteria to preserve communal segregation. Meanwhile, members of the current Knesset are proposing various drafts of a “Jewish identity bill,” which aim to reserve the right of self-determination exclusively to Jews, with some versions explicitly ordering the Israeli courts to prioritize the “Jewish” nature of the state over democratic principles in their decisions. Such legislation not only seeks to erase the national identity and history of the Palestinian people, but will make it even harder for Arabs on both sides of the Green Line to defend their homes before the courts, which have continually failed to protect their basic rights from Israel’s actions.”

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  1. Whilst Israel’s ethnic cleansers kick-start their latest massive programme of crimes against humanitarian law their Congress and Senate lick-spittles are preparing to scrap visas for Israelis entering North America. There will be scant few political voices raised against the next annual tranche of dollars by the billion to the ethnic-cleansers coffers. Washington’s neoZionists display no shred of concern for America’s reputation in the wider world. Surely, the results of their scurrilous eavesdropping should slow their descent into further moral degredation ?

  2. Ironically, the Bedouins have a reputation as pathfinders and bore the brunt of the casualties in the occupation of Gaza as members of the Israel Defense Forces. It was a Bedouin Arab sergeant in the IDF that was convicted of manslaughter in the death of British civil rights activist Tom Hurndall and a Bedouin IDF officer identified in the shooting death of the co-producer of the award-winning “Death in Gaza” documentary, James Miller. Hamas at one point sent an open letter to the Bedouin community recognizing their honorable heritage and to refrain from service in the IDF – Hamas even established a scholarship award program for Bedouins to encourage their avoidance of IDF service.

    It is also notable that Israel has no constitution so the existence of a court system at all is legislative enactment by the Knesset under the “Basic Law” can be rescinded or modified. The concept of separation of powers under the Bassic law is far from absolute as the Knesset can, and does, regulate the Israel Supreme Court’s authority.

  3. Imagine the outrage in the West if Iran singled out a significant portion of its Jewish population (of approximately 25,000) and relocated them for “their own good”. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to most westerners, the Jewish community in Iran continues to run kosher shops, Hebrew schools and synagogues, and has guaranteed representation in parliament.
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    • the same reason this article here has only attracted 9 responses….theres no interest and ….well, its Israel.

    • The mainstream press in the USA is a bedfellow to the American/Israeli Governments and will not shoot itself in the foot.

    • Why indeed? Take a look at this:

      link to

      “Peace Propaganda, and the Promised Land” is a hour-long documentary on the abject capitulation of American (but not European) media on issues relating to Israeli treatment of Palestinians on their own land.

      Even though the Bedouins are Israeli citizens, the same self-censorship factors are at work here. Does anyone expect US networks to suddenly come from behind the chicken wire to report something like this?

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