Red Baraat makes NYC Music with a Punjabi Beat (Video)


“New York City’s multicultural population is fertile ground for fusions in art and music. VOA’s Carolyn Weaver reports on Red Baraat, an eight-member band from Brooklyn blending Northern Indian bhangra – a high-energy dance music – with jazz, hip-hop, and other genres.”

VOAnews reports:

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  1. Aside from the excellent musical blend in the video, it’s just funny watching local TV news trying to be hip and culturally relevant. Local TV news anywhere is the polar opposite of hip, and there’s no greater galloping cultural desertification going on in the world than when a local TV news department tries to go against the tide of its own tragic unhipness. “Hi, in my best I’m a serious newsperson voice, I’m your tragically unhip on-the-spot cultural ‘reporter’ desperately seeking to do the impossible, be less nerdy and less embarassingly derivative than I intrinsically am. Please don’t notice how spectacularly pathetic I am as I try to leech off of some actual relevant hipness. Won’t somebody please take me seriously? Is my tie straight? Do my shoes match my eyes?” It’s hard to explain just how nerdy and “This Is Spinal Tap” this phenomenon of local TV news ‘reaching out to the people’ actually is. On the other hand, “Anchorman” nails it perfectly and I’ll just point to Will Ferrell’s Ron and leave it at that.

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