Syrian Refugee Children by the Tragic Numbers

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees has issued a new report on the plight of Syrian refugee children. The numbers are horrifying:

Population of Syria: 22 million

Number of Syrians made refugees in other countries by the civil war: 2.2 million

Number of Syrian refugee children: 1.1 million

Percentage of Syrian refugees who are children: 52%

Percentage of these children who are under the age of 12: 75%

Percentage of these children who said that a family member was dead or missing: 21%

Percentage of these children stuck at home for at least a week at a time: 29%

Percentage of Syrian refugee families in Jordan with at least one member working that depend in whole or part on the income generated by a child: 47%

Percentage of 270,000 school-age Syrian refugee children in Lebanon not attending school: 80%

Percentage of 187,675 school-aged Syrian refugee children in Jordan not attending school: 56%

Number of these children in Jordan and Lebanon living with no mother, father or other adult: 3,700


BBC reports:

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  1. Thanks for the accounting entries on one of the many current horrors. No comments? No surprise…

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