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  1. Yes, but Tayyip the Grim has taken this ruling as further evidence of the need for a new constitution with the Putinesque presidential powers he so craves: “Now I ask: who will judge the HSYK? Do you know who will do it? …I would like to judge them, if I would have adequate authority.”

    Lest you’ve forgotten what real Fascism sounds like:

    “Turkey is at a junction: Either the old Turkey will continue or the new Turkey will prevail. The resistance is against the building of the new Turkey. But I tell you that this is the last resistance. They are offending for the last time. They are using all their means for the last time. With God’s help, we will demolish this resistance and we will close the doors to the old Turkey,” [Erdogan] said. “They will be not able to stop the building of the new Turkey.”

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