Israel to Ethnically Cleanse 70,000 Palestinians in Massive Negev Land Grab

Determined to derail the US press for peace negotiations with the Palestinians, the far-right Likud government of Israel is moving ahead with among the biggest projects of ethnic cleansing in the sad history of the Palestinian people, who have been made homeless and stateless by relentless Zionist colonization of their land.

World Bulletin reports:

“World Bulletin / News Desk

Palestinians will gather in several cities within Palestine and around the world on Saturday to protest against Israel’s Prawer Plan.

A joint Israeli-Palestinian activist organization, the Alternative Information Center, called on all who “oppose ethnic cleansing, displacement and confinement in the 21st century” to attend the protests.

Israel classifies approximately 40 villages in the Negev Desert as “unrecognized,” arguing that the roughly 53,000 Arab Bedouins living there cannot prove their ownership of the land.

Israeli authorities have repeatedly demolished Bedouin homes in the area.

The Prawer plan provoked demonstrations on Saturday throughout the world, with big crowds in places like London.

Press TV is among the few news channels with a video report:

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  1. It seems Zionism cannot sustain itself without a new plan for ethnic cleansing every year. They have to show the neighbors how tough they are. Compensating for centuries of male submission to the Gentile by acting macho. It’s so obvious.

  2. According to Benny Morris in his “Righteous Victims” the Zionists planned to “transfer” all of the non-Jews out of Palestine and Trans-jordan, so with the Likud Party and its accomplices now in charge, this latest example of ethnic cleansing should come as no surprise. When will Jordan’s day come for “transfer”?.

  3. What is particularly galling about this action is that the Bedouins have generally been cooperative with Israel and many have served honorably in the Israel Defense Forces with a reputation as skilled pathfinders.

    The Bedouin had carried out some of the most undesirable military operations during the Gaza occupation by the IDF and many were killed or wounded by Palestinian insurgents manning IDF outposts or on patrols.

    It was the “Likud Arabs” from the Negev that gave political support to Ariel Sharon during much of the last decade since he was committed to developing agriculture in that area. Hamas leadership during this period published an open letter to Bedouins in Israel recognizing them for their honorable history and establishing a scholarship fund for them while encouraging them not to serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

    Israeli social reformer Daphni Leef in her famous speech several years ago cited the Bedouins as one of the groups within Israel that had been victimized by the Israeli government.

  4. When will the world wake up and be brave enough to Boycott, Sanction and Divest Israel?

  5. Nothing new here. More of the same old. Israel continues in its line of offenses without fear of any consequences (never been held accountable for anything, so..) while the world complains helplessly.

    What gives Israelis more rights to that land than the Palestinians who had been inhabiting that land for over a 1000 years? If anyone thinks the Israeli gov’t believes in co-existence, think again. They do not. They never did.

  6. Israil is too sick to see this as an injustice and the world too weak to stop it.

    • There’s not much the world can do whenever Israel abuse human rights in their quest for a Greater Israel, since the US will always veto any criticism of their continued outrages and inhumanity towards Arabs.

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