Fox News: Christie Scandal Coverage pretext to Ignore Gates Revelations

(By David Edwards)

Fox host on Christie: ‘Bridge thing’ ruining coverage of Bob Gates’ Obama-bashing (via Raw Story )

Fox News host Steve Doocy on Thursday lamented the fact that the media was covering leaked emails that proved New Jersey Chris Christie‚Äôs (R) administration closed part of the busiest bridge in the world as political retribution instead of criticizing…


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  1. Quite honestly I do not see much difference between what Fox News will and will not cover any differently than what say Huffington Post will and will not cover. The Christie debacle has been front and center over at Huff Po for three days now. But when it comes to digging into the Clinton debacle with Benghazi (Ok I know 60 minutes Lara Login was duped by one fraudster but she did have two government officials on during that same program who said that they had repeatedly tried to get the Clinton run state dept to beef up security in Benghazi). Huff Po will not put up any comment criticizing Clinton based on facts…this is a fact..Yet will allow almost any comment bashing Christie and keep this Christie debacle up front and center at their site for three days running. Now tell me how this is any different than what Fox news does when it comes to bashing Clinton/Benghazi vs not mentioning the Christie debacle. Just do not see much difference when it comes to protecting their special people. Arianna Huffington and her team have all ready appointed Clinton and will not allow her to be criticized. What is the difference?

    • The difference is that Fox is a thousand times more powerful than Huffington, which most Americans have never heard of or seen. Even the super-biased Drudge is probably better known. Millions of Republican voters rely only on Fox for what they know about reality – then they go out and vote. The giant corporation that owns Fox spins out agendas within agendas to advance its goal of a single-party state; when they come to take your vote away, Kathleen, it will be Fox justifying the “return to the real Constitution” and the “values of the Founding Fathers”. Don’t even pretend there’s anything equal to that on the Left.

      • “The difference is that Fox is a thousand times more powerful than Huffington”

        I believe Kathleen was referring to content, not the number of viewers and listeners. And in terms of content, she is spot-on. Huffington Post, MSNBC, and others of that persuasion are just as biased on the left as Fox is on the right. The news media, both cable and internet, both left and right, exist to advance an agenda, not report as unbiased and objectively as possible. That one or the other may have more adherents is irrelevant regarding the sorry state of the content, whether it be Fox or Huffington Post.

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