Climate Change is real, and Endangers East African Food Security

Climate Change Threatens East Africa’s Food Security (via Climate Central)

By Kieran Cooke, Climate News Network LONDON – The report, East African Agriculture and Climate Change, published by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), looks at threats to food supplies in 11 countries in East and Central…


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  1. If methane is already being released from the trunda why should people think that the temps will rise only 2 degrees over 3 decades? Furthermore showing how this temp. increase will affect Africa when most of the people who see this do not live in Africa sure as heck is not likely to get them to really care about changing the way that they live.

  2. Oh, look! The US Army/AFRICOM is on the case, in its latest $4 billion-in-changeover costs camouflage uniforms! link to What could possibly go wrong with that, as part of the bigger plans the US military has for running everything under the aegis of responding to the “threats” of human-induced climate change? And how about that idea of crop insurance, with attendant fees to the risk-pool managers, to help the Backward get closer to Food Security? That will help ameliorate drought and burgeoning population and adherence to traditional farming and cooking practices, in places where tribal antipathies and survival angst are hot and heavy, just HOW, again?

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