40 prominent Journalists Call for Release of Detained Colleagues

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: In a strong show of solidarity, nearly 40 correspondents and editors representing 29 international media organizations are calling for the immediate release of journalists detained in Egypt.

On December 29, Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed from Al Jazeera English were arrested by Egyptian authorities and have been held arbitrarily for the last two weeks in harsh prison conditions.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least five other journalists are currently detained in Egypt (http://www.cpj.org/imprisoned/2013.php#egypt): Metin Turkan of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, Abdullah Al-Shamy and Mohamed Badr of Al Jazeera, Mahmoud Abdel Nabi of Rassd Online News, and freelance photographer Mahmoud Abou Zeid, all of whom have been imprisoned for over five months.

The statement highlights concerns by the international press over media freedom in Egypt and the ability of journalists to do their work without fear of arrest.

The statement, below, is available online here



January 13, 2014

We, the undersigned correspondents and editors of international news organizations covering Egypt, hereby call for the immediate release of our colleagues Peter Greste, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, who have been arbitrarily imprisoned since December 29. We are deeply concerned to learn that our colleagues, all three of whom are well respected journalists, may face charges that include belonging to a terrorist organization and spreading false news that could endanger national security.

We also call for the release of other journalists who have been detained in Egypt, some of whom have been arbitrarily imprisoned for over five months.

The arrest of these journalists has cast a cloud over press and media freedom in Egypt. We strongly believe that upholding the rights of journalists and permitting the free flow of information is vital to bringing about greater understanding and serves the best interests of all Egyptians and the world.


Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent, CNN
Tomas Avenarius, Middle East Correspondent, Süddeutsche Zeitung
Alastair Beach, Correspondent, The Independent
Peter Beaumont, Foreign Affairs Editor, The Observer
Ian Black, Middle East Editor, The Guardian
Jeremy Bowen, Middle East Editor, BBC
Laura Cappon, Correspondent, Radio Popolare
Marwan Chahine, Correspondent, Libération
Edith Chapin, International Editor, NPR
Kristen Chick, Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor
Andy Clarke, London Bureau Chief, CBS News
Richard Colebourn, Middle East Bureau Chief, BBC
Frank Craig, Editor, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
John Daniszewski, Senior Managing Editor for International News, The Associated Press
Borzou Daragahi, Correspondent, The Financial Times
Vanessa Descouraux, Correspondent, Radio France
Lyse Doucet, Chief International Correspondent, BBC
Sonia Dridi, Correspondent, France 24
Ricard Gonzalez, Correspondent, El Pais
Marion Guénard, Correspondent, Le Monde
Douglas Jehl, Foreign Editor, The Washington Post
Joseph Kahn, International Editor, New York Times
Ashraf Khalil, Contributor, Time Magazine
Patrick Kingsley, Correspondent, The Guardian
Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Correspondent, Democracy Now!
Sarah Lynch, Correspondent, USA TODAY
Nevine Mabro, Head of Foreign News, Channel 4 News
Jonathan Miller, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Channel 4 News
Delphine Minoui, Correspondent, Le Figaro
Ayman Mohyeldin, Foreign Correspondent, NBC News
David Munk, Foreign Editor, Daily Telegraph
Marina Petrillo, Editor-in-Chief, Radio Popolare
Max Rodenbeck, Middle East Bureau Chief, The Economist
Andrew Roy, World News Editor, BBC
Heba Saleh, Correspondent, The Financial Times
Reza Sayah, Correspondent, CNN
Richard Spencer, Correspondent, Daily Telegraph
Bill Spindle, Middle East Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal
Kathryn Stapley, Correspondent, France 24
Sherine Tadros, Independent Journalist
Marion Toubol, Correspondent, Arte
Gert Van Langendonck, Correspondent, NRC Handelsblad
Ben Wedeman, Senior International Correspondent, CNN
Jon Williams, International Editor, ABC News
Nancy Youssef, Middle East Bureau Chief, McClatchy Newspapers
Sonja Zekri, Middle East Correspondent, Süddeutsche Zeitung


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