Iran says it starts implementing nuclear deal

TEHRAN: Iran’s state TV says the country has halted its most sensitive uranium enrichment work as part of a landmark deal struck with world powers.

The broadcast said Iran halted its 20 per cent uranium enrichment, which is just steps away from bomb-making materials, by cutting the link feeding cascades enriching uranium in Natanz.

It said international inspectors were present Monday when Iran began implementing its obligations under the historic deal reached in Geneva Nov 24.

They left to monitor the suspension at Fordo, another uranium enrichment site in central Iran.

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  1. Apparently, the goal of Iranian research and development has been to create safe, clean and affordable energy systems, not nuclear weapons. If so, it is no wonder why the oil cartel (apparently, the Israeli Authority has monetary gain within oil and natural gas revenue streams) has been working so hard to suppress Iranian efforts by deeming Iran a terrorist nation; link to

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