The Real Scientists: CO2 higher than in past 800,000 Years & World is Getting Hot!

(By Jacob Chamberlain)

Climate change is accelerating full steam ahead and immediate action is neccessary, leading scientists from two countries clarified in an educational guide released Thursday.

According to the The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the UK's Royal Society, in the jointly written guide on climate change and the state of climate science today, the world is undoubtedly warming and the global temperature could increase by 2.6-4.8C by the end of this century.

"Despite the decadal slowdown in the rise of average surface temperature, a longer-term warming trend is still evident," said the two major scientific institutions, who wrote the guide in response to ongoing confusion over climate change partially caused by reports that warming surface temperatures have slowed down over the past decade.

"Each of the last three decades was warmer than any other decade since widespread thermometer measurements were introduced in the 1850s," states the publication, Climate Change Evidence and Causes.

As the leading scientists from the two countries emphasize, CO2, the most prevalent greenhouse gas, has risen to levels unseen in the last 800,000 years, and measurements dating back to the mid-19th century show an obvious and steady warming trend.

The guide also explains how this steady uptick in carbon, and the subsequent warming of the planet, are clearly the result of fossil fuel burning.

“Our aim with this new resource is to provide people with easy access to the latest scientific evidence on climate change, including where scientists agree and where uncertainty still remains,” stated Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society. "We have enough evidence to warrant action being taken on climate change; it is now time for the public debate to move forward to discuss what we can do to limit the impact on our lives and those of future generations."


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4 Responses

  1. The Nazis made killing Jews a high priority in nineteen fourty four because it was the only thing of the many things that they wanted to do that was going well.
    The leaders of the USA have learned nothing since then. They spend their time worring about and blowing up middle eastern hillbillies because the know that is all that THEY are capable of doing and the refuse to recognize that there are (were) others that can do (could have) what needs to be done except win elections.

  2. youse guys and yer tryin’ to blame “global warming” on us humans,
    and insinuatin’ that this problem started with Dick Chaney,
    that’s a losin’ strategy.

    Just explain that global warming, though human-caused, is as natural as the seasons.
    It didn’t start in the last couple decades, its been goin’ on since 1820.

    When you take the finger-pointing and blame out of it,
    and unemotionally describe it as a monster from another planet that doesn’t care if its your fault,
    and its gonna kill you and eat you regardless of your political leanings,
    then even rednecks can get behind combatting it.

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