George W. Bush Used Top Google Results For All His Paintings; Is he in Legal Trouble?

George W. Bush Used Top Google Results For All His Paintings; Will He Be Sued For Copyright Infringement? (via Techdirt)

You may have heard the recent stories about former President George W. Bush’s new exhibit of paintings of world leaders. There’s been plenty of chatter about the former President picking up painting as a hobby since leaving office. While many may have…


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  1. “Huh, well, I don’t know what the artist got for that work but he shoulda got life!” Bush is as bad an “artist” as he was a president. An ex president doing self portraits of himself in the shower? That’s not only nuts, it’s icky. Fair use is the least of the issues here. Compare former president Carter, who is exemplary in his role as former president. But hey, he wrecked two countries (Iraq and our own), further damaged a third (Afghanistan), and in essence destroyed the Constitution, so what’s a few canvasses?

  2. I believe G.W. Bush(who I’ve nicknamed “Cuddley”) to be one of our WORST presidents. However, I believe he is a much better president than painter.

  3. I can’t resist appropriating a comment I saw on another website – as a painter, he’s no Adolf Hitler.

  4. No. Lots of artists do this. Whether it infringes depends on whether or not the artist intended to “copy” or paint from.
    a picture. They are clearly not copies.

    The real problem is that courts let AP get away with copyrighting copies of someone’s face.

    This is just BS media self-interest.

    • The point is not whether they are copies or not, but that the Associated Press has sued people for this use, but clearly does not intend to sue Bush. Not quite as important as Obama’s decision to exempt Bush, Cheney, et al from any suits related to war crimes, but unequal justice all the same.

  5. I suspect George wrote to all his old friends – Blair, Chirac, . Merkel, Olmest, Karazai, Sarkozy, Harper, Havel. Koizuma -asking for their photo and didn’t get a single reply.

    What is a man to do except paint from the internet when the whole world shuns him?

  6. Because G.W. is so young, instead of painting I was hoping he would find a cause like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have done and do what he can to make the world a better place. Jimmy Carter found time to write a number of books while he was doing what he could to help solve world problems. G.W. can paint on the side or wait until later in life. Money-wise he is set for life, and he can at least go out and fund raise money for non-political causes that can affect the quality of life for so many people. Maybe he is doing that already, and I just don’t know it.

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