Did Benghazi Obsession cause Fox ‘News’ Ratings to Plummet 27% in May?

Epic FAIL: Fox ‘News’ Ratings Plummet 27% in May! (via Atlas Left)

Fox News ratings dropped 27% in May, and there were double-digit falls across many of their top shows. The ratings drop is year over year, with a 27% drop in total viewership, but a 25% drop among younger viewers. With the younger viewers, these are…


David Pakman from last winter: “Young Viewers Avoid Fox News, Ratings Drop 30% ”

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  1. “It’s not likely that they’ll wise up”
    I dunno. Rupert Murdoch treats his media outlets first as business opportunities, and secondly as propaganda outlets. He may just decide that a change of emphasis will be good for the bottom line.

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