8 False Climate-Change-Denial Memes Debunked by Real Scientists

Eight Pseudoscientific Climate Claims Debunked by Real Scientists (via Moyers & Company)

Most people who deny that human activity is warming the planet just dismiss a massive body of scientific evidence as a big hoax. But there’s a more sophisticated set of climate “skeptics” who make arguments that, at least to the lay ear, sound…


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  1. Re: 4 Temperature readings are wrong, per“Anthony Watts, a former TV weatherman and prominent climate denier, for the Heartland Institute, “

    I actually received TWO of the booklets that Koch-Heartland put out. As far as I could tell, it was being mailed to all business addresses, and had a cover letter from New Mexico’s own former astronaut, Harrison Schmitt, who once walked on the moon (!!) and now walks the Petroleum Path.

    As I recall (and I read this thing cover to cover), the “report” was rich in photos of thermometers next to concrete walks and parking lots. This, supposedly, “proved” that all the readings were wrong. Including the readings from satellites. Business owners are apparently a gullible lot, poorly educated, and likely to enthusiastically grasp at any idiocy that supports their political prejudices.

    Which could explain why the businessman-dominated New Mexico economy is still on its knees…

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