Israeli PM Netanyahu Vows never to Return Occupied E Jerusalem to Palestinian Residents

On Jerusalem Day Netanyahu vows never to divide the city (via AFP)

Tens of thousands of religious Jews waving Israeli flags marched into mainly Arab east Jerusalem Wednesday as the country celebrated the anniversary of its capture in the 1967 Six-Day War. Fearing clashes, police closed the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque…


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  1. In the light of Israeli intransigence and Palestinian helplessness, it seems the only solution for Jerusalem is to revive what was envisaged in the initial UN Partition Plan, namely declaring Jerusalem as an international city run under UN administration with the followers of all faiths and of none having equal access to this ancient city.

    Jerusalem that owes its name to the Canaanite deity Salem (the City of Salem) came under Jewish rule for a short period under David and Solomon. The entire glory of Jerusalem and what remains of it belongs to the period when it was under Christian and Islamic rule. To claim this city entirely for the Jews is wrong and will never be accepted either by the majority of Muslims or Christians. It was in fact the fate of the city that proved the main stumbling block to reaching an agreement between Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak at Camp David talks. Instead of making it a scene for constant violence and hostility, it should be turned into a symbol of reconciliation between the three Semitic faiths by brining it under international administration and a city open to all.

    • Jerusalem has its Armenian Quarter also.

      Many Armenians fled the genocide almost 100 years ago to settle in Jerusalem and a substantial percentage have stayed.

  2. Seeing those flags and capes showing that symbol known as the Star of David…such an eerie coincidence…formed from six straight lines, of equal length…same as a swastika…six straight lines, of equal length.

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