Sudan judge orders Christian woman to hang for apostasy

Sudan judge orders Christian woman to hang for apostasy (via AFP)

A Sudanese judge on Thursday sentenced a heavily pregnant Christian woman to hang for apostasy, a ruling which Britain denounced as “barbaric” and left the United States “deeply disturbed”. Born to a Muslim father, the woman was convicted under the…


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Sudan woman gets death sentence for apostasy

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  1. It would appear that she was never Muslim in the first place, her defense is that she was raised Christian. Sounds like a miscarriage of justice.

    • It would be a miscarriage of justice even if she once was a devout muslim.

      The ability of individuals change religions at will with no legal repurcussions is a prerequisite of civilization and no society that does not allow that is worthy of the name.

  2. One of many major problems in Sudan. They outdid their previous insane cruelty of flogging a woman who wore jeans, with another judge declaring a death sentence on a pregnant doctor who was never a Muslim (not that it should matter). The useless state official statement at the end, ‘every other theocratic nation does it’.

    The guys actively supporting the verdict saying ‘its the law’, justifying deliberate malice and injustice for their own ideological comfort, is common in the backward minds of conservative religious hardliners. They always have sway over institutions but I feel they’ve now grown in size and become mainstream in some places in the East.

    In Pakistan, blasphemy charges and attacks have spiked in the past week or so against all classes of society, but religious minorities are still the most vulnerable. While the Pak state avoids carrying out death sentences, judges and officers look on as vigilante fanatic mobs and assassins are spurred by any allegation or accusation, regardless of any trial or verdict. Here’s some news within the month.

    Human Rights lawyer Rashid Rehman assassinated in his office amid death threats, defending an alleged blasphemer
    link to

    History summary, Chief Justice recent comment on blasphemy applied to protect minority religions
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    68 lawyers charged with blasphemy in Jhang, South Punjab, heartland of sectarian Sunni extremists
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    65-year-old Ahmedi man accused of blasphemy shot dead by teenager in Pakistani police station
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    GEO’s Morning TV show hostess and her controversial guests, now probably considering fleeing (most recent, and lots of back story with wide religious and political implications and backlash)
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