It’s come to this: Fox News brings on NFL’s Terry Bradshaw for Benghazi analysis

It’s come to this: Fox News brings on NFL’s Terry Bradshaw for Benghazi analysis (via Raw Story )

Fox News on Wednesday continued its multi-year obsession with the terrorist attack in Benghazi by inviting NFL football analyst and former quarterback Terry Bradshaw to weigh in. Out Numbered host Andrea Tantaros began the segment by highlighting a…

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It’s Come to This: Fox News Brings on NFL’s Terry Bradshaw for Benghazi Analysis

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  1. In other news, Fox announced it had signed Hillary Clinton to provide coverage and analysis at the 2015 Superbowl. According to a Fox spokesperson “Ms. Clinton ‘s insights into conflict management will offer provocative perspectives and a new slant on football, a welcome change from the predictable droning of long-retired players of yesteryear”. Reportedly the contract includes an option for her to cover the 2015 NBA play-offs as well.

  2. Matt Blake

    “He couldn’t spell ‘Cat’ if you spotted him the ‘c’ and the ‘a’.” – Cowboys linebacker Thomas Henderson on Bradshaw.

    • I say son…. That there boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball….”Foghorn Leghorn”

    • The Dallas Cowboys, “America’s team,” used to whoop those Washington REDSKINS like a redheaded stepchild because Texans knew their name was derogatory, discriminatory and slanderous toward Native Americans.

  3. Stay tuned, next up Honey-Boo-Boo will give her thoughts on the effects of concussions suffered by retired NFL players.

  4. Sorry to say it, but after following things, probably too obsessively over the past 40 years or so, Bradshaw has about the same chance of being right as anyone else. Are we ‘post historical’?

  5. A lot of former NFL players are showing the signs of traumatic brain injury from all those concussions…

    • It’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) which is much worse than TBIs because long term repeated blows to the brain cause emotional problems that sometimes lead to suicide. Traumatic brain injuries are caused by car wrecks, IEDS etc. The injury is the result one blow and doesn’t have the same long term emotional impact as CTE. Some of those football players. have committed suicide by shooting themselves in the heart so their brains are saved for the autopsy.

      A football player with CTE is a dead man walking.

      • Not according to the Right Wing, which thinks that after NASCAR racing/crashing and UFC beat-downs, link to, Fooh-bowhh is Amurica’s Game:

        link to

        Why he-said, the-other-guy-said “fair and balanced” reporting leads to really dumb populace and really dumb leadership…

    • p.s. Frontline’s “League of Denial” about concussions in football is on youtube.. Two hours, but well worth watching. Football today is similar to the gladiator games in Roman times. Instead of being killed outright, many of today’s gladiators wind up brain damaged cripples by early middle age–mid 50s.

      Football, college and especially the pros is big business–big money. Everybody loves the SUPERBOWL. Until the big profits from today’s gladiator games becomes secondary to the health of the participants, very little will change.

    • So was his center, Mike Webster. The PBS Frontline starts off with his death and autopsy. His sectioned brained revealed much darker areas in different locations which is a definite sign of CTE.

      Webster had many of the symptoms while he was alive.

  6. Four Americans die in an Embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya; President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton must be held accountable. Three-thousand Americans die in terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC; President Bush must be reelected.

    President Obama and Hillary Clinton lied to Americans about the Benghazi Embassy attack for political reasons; President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton must be held accountable. President Bush lied to Americans about Iraqi WMD and links to al-Qaeda to start a war; President Bush must be reelected.

    These people are amazing. To paraphrase Heathcliff Huxtable: they are afraid that if they actually think, their brains may blow up and ooze out of their ears.

    • You can’t be responsible for bad things as long as your goal is to make “America” “stronger”. So Reagan isn’t responsible for Beirut, etc. The crime is for our tribal war chieftain to simply try to maintain an already unjust status quo hegemony instead of trying to conquer the world. Because that doesn’t “defeat” “evil”. Which undermines our excuse for domination and exploitation – not just abroad. Think about which Americans that imperils.

      Boy, I’m really doubling up on the quote marks today, but both the nouns and the modifiers we rely on are delusional.

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