That time when White Terrorists Ambushed Nevada Police after Fox Supported Bundy Gunmen Threatening Law Enforcement

They shouted, “This is a revolution!”

ABC News: “Deadly Shooting Spree in Las Vegas”

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  1. So after all these years of a War on Terror to stop foreign suicide bombers, we now have a rash of domestic suicide shooters.

    Like the suicide bombers, the suicide shooters intend to intimidate the public and to demonstrate that civil government can’t protect the people. Inflammatory hate TV and hate radio delivered by fearful commentators serve the same purpose as radical Friday sermons delivered by extremist imams: the goal is to stir up the masses, persuading the disturbed and susceptible to kill themselves and innocent others to instigate a revolution against the state.

    What is the responsibility of the US media and of US political organizations? Shouldn’t we discuss how, at the very least, we ought to act like adults, be ladies and gentlemen, and demonstrate civil discourse, dropping the hysteria of click-baiting headlines and hyperbolic posturing over political platforms, and conduct our lives with a common sense restraint that won’t encourage the vulnerable to embrace suicide shooter martyrdom?

  2. These extremists (and I’ll include the single mass shooters and their right wing gun supporters who want to emulate the murder rates of 3rd world nations flooded with guns rather than first world nations with strong gun control) seem to be getting emboldened in trying to launch one terrorist attack or another.

    Don’t think the stupid ‘if the police were only armed, they could have prevented it’ argument is going to fly here.

    There needs to be a strong reset to undo the backward ideological Bush gun nut allowances, such as automatic guns and high capacity clips, and their defunding (starve the beast) of ATF and bring their funding back, at least to pre-2000 levels.

  3. This kind of thing is building up, not winding down. NRA and other fanatical groups are inciting their members more and more with their wild fantasies about police state taking away guns and Obama is a socialist etc. etc. They see what happened in Kiev and Caracas and they want to stir things up like that here too. Don’t trust the CIA and other right-wing inside groups not to be assisting them too.

  4. p.s. Jerad Miller was forced to leave the Bundy Ranch. Listen to his comments while he was there and you understand why.

    I’m surprised federal agents did not detain him for questioning. geez

  5. I’ve been reading about this all day, because it happened just across town from me.

    Jerad got kicked off the Bundy ranch because of his criminal record, specifically dealing a little pot. Not being able to get a good job, or health insurance, he suffered from dental problems and infections, and of course he lived in poverty. He blamed the government and the new world order and agenda 21 for his messed up life. He was definitely disturbed, definitely a rightwinger. But, if pot were legal, I bet he’d have had a happier life. Likewise if we had a national health system. And without easy access to guns, he and his idiot wife would probably not be murderers right now — and probably wouldn’t be dead. Oddly, this guy could have been much happier (plus ALIVE) if only our society were more liberal. Yet he hated liberals. So sad and strange. And he thought Elliott Rodgers (so-called Virgin Killer) was a liberal … now some right wing morons are saying he and Amanda were socialists, because there was a swastika on their manifesto, and that’s a National Socialist emblem. But apparently some conservatives fail to comprehend that the Nazi party wasn’t socialist in the traditional sense, it wasn’t Marxist, wasn’t about class struggle or international working-class solidarity, it was just a right-wing racist party. So Jerad thought the misogynistic brat was a liberal, I have no idea why, and other idiots are saying Jerad was a liberal, demonstrating their unwillingness to understand something as basic as how to define Nazism.

    The most depressing aspect of all this just might be this sinking feeling … that this isn’t the last time we’ll see something like this. There could be a dozen more this summer. The right will claim that they’re all false flag. Politicians won’t do anything but offer condolences. And really, what can we do about it? I mean, there are policies on the national level which could help a little, but they aren’t getting implemented fast enough. We’re supposedly under surveillance from the NSA, but the NSA doesn’t stop these attacks from happening so what’s the point of spying on everyone and then doing nothing? Very frustrating.

  6. Okay, I wanted to check on this story to see if the shooters were actually right-wingers.

    Told people they wanted to overthrow Obama = check
    Passed around white-power literature = check
    Put Nazi and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags over the corpses of their victims = double-check
    Claimed to have spent time at the Bundy ranch – Oh yeah, baby

    Man, how obvious does one of these shooters have to get to finally be acknowledged as a Tea Partier? Millions of them basically are standing in a long line, trying to provoke each other with internet myths and slogans to be the one who steps forward and becomes the martyr the rest of them need.

    A study I saw a few years ago says that people in a belief movement (religion, etc) are stuck in a collective goods dilemma – how can they make sacrifices for the movement if they can’t tell if their fellow members are serious? No one wants to be the sucker. So the movement becomes a contest of hyping each other up and testing others’ faith.

    Which I’m sure has helped get terrorist factions get started all over the world. Problem in this case is, this faith is the underlying civil faith of the United States – God, guns & greed, under a Patriarchy. Too stupid to be fact, too useful to abandon. So the followers are always kept unsatisfied, until they go Frankenstein on their beloved oligarchs. They are both the Monster, and the mob of villagers with torches.

    Just as millions of white Southerners carried out acts of resistance of every form imaginable until the North gave up on Reconstruction, their ideological heirs think they can wear out us weak liberals until we hand over the keys to the Constitution. Expect more, pace The Turner Diaries, until we are willing to fight them personally, government or no government, and expose them as merely one warrior tribe trying to enslave everyone else and then cynically flip the switch of law & order back on.

  7. Jerad Miller got kicked off the Bundy ranch because he wanted violence with federal agents…It’s on tape. He went on and on about killing police at least two years ago. All this talk of a “revolution” was just something he recently picked up and used to make him sound like he was a right wing fanatic instead of being just a LITTLE PUNK AND A COP KILLER.

  8. Miller and his wife make the Liberty City Seven., the Symbionese Liberation Army and the People’s Revolutionary Strike Force in the Dirty Harry movie sound like legitimate terror groups.

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