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  1. It appears that over 80% of Americans have zero idea about how the impeachment process actually works. Most Americans have no idea the impeachment process has two parts.

    I keep seeing indications that most people think that all the House has to do is pass a “bill of impeachment” and everything is done. In REALITY, a “bill of impeachment does NOTHING. Essentially it is just like a grand jury indictment which says that the grand jury thinks that maybe the prosecutor should convene a trial.

    The “trial” has to take place in the Senate and if there are not 51 votes to convene a trial, the impeachment process stops.

    Even if there is a trial, it only takes 34 votes to acquit the POTUS and end the impeachment.

    In the REAL world, the Republican house could easily get the 218 votes needed to pass a “bill of impeachment.” But if the republicans can’t get 51 votes in the Senate, it is over and even if they can start the trial, it is extremely easy for the democrats to get the 34 votes to end the process with an acquittal.

    In the end Obama would still be President and would be free to do what he wanted.

    BTW – very likely, the republican house law suit is going to last only a few hours in court because the President can not be sued over political decisions per the US Supreme Court case law. Per the Constitution, the ONLY remedy congress has is impeachment and as I noted, that will fail.

    There is so much racist driven stupidity in the republican party.

  2. I guess all my friends and acquaintances have heeded my advice since I’ve been adamant about contributing to and supporting Democratic candidates if only to stop the Republicans from gaining a Senate majority this year. On the other hand, I have to say that I’m delighted that the dead-on-arrival-propaganda-that-is-the-impeachment-tsumani currently sweeping the wight wing is raking in millions for Democrats. Way to go right wing!!

  3. No, the Republicans can’t really get 67 votes in the next Senate to impeach. But shouldn’t they pay some price for intentionally impeaching every elected Democratic president for the purpose of sabotaging governance and creating a slanderous meme implying that Democratic voters are basically illegitimate people whose votes shouldn’t count? This isn’t a war against Clinton and Obama, this is a war against 100,000,000 American citizens who refuse to vote Republican – a one-sided war when it comes to impeachments.

    • Yes, it is one-sided. One side is willing to fight: the enemy. Our side, even when faced with Bush’s massive constitutional violations, far worse than Nixon’s, with a clear legal case for impeachment, chose to play nice and be friends.

      One of the reasons the Democratic party suffers is an understandable lack of enthusiasm from their base. They don’t stand for anything, they don’t fight for anything, and they roll over at the first sign of opposition. Why would that inspire anyone to join their cause?

      The Republican party may be evil and insane, but at least they have cojones, and that counts for something. In some circles, that counts for everything.

    • “No, the Republicans can’t really get 67 votes in the next Senate to impeach.”

      You misunderstand the impeachment process. It is a two-step process, with the House voting for Articles of Impeachment by a simple majority. That is equivalent to an indictment. The case then goes to the Senate for trial. It takes a two-thirds majority of the Senate to vote to convict. Again, impeachment occurs in the House and is simply an indictment; it is not the same as a conviction, which would be the result of a Senate trial that so votes with a two-thirds majority..

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