If Israel Is In Mortal Danger, Why Did Bloomberg Fly There? (The Young Turks)

Former New York Mayor and victim of Israel derangement syndrome Michael Bloomberg flew to Israel on El Al airlines on Wednesday to demonstrate that the US FAA was wrong to forbid US carriers to fly into Ben Gurion International Airport. Bloomberg’s combative interview with Wolf Blitzer drew much derisory comment on twitter, and a rebuke from Cenk Uygur:

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks: “If Israel Is In Mortal Danger, Why Did Bloomberg Fly There?”

Others weighed in on Twitter:

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  1. Sometime complicated situations have simple solutions. In this case, give Palestinians the land that is theirs (pre 67 West Bank) and the situation will resolve itself.

    • Since Israel wants it all and respects no other claims this is impossible. Period. They MAY leave some small, disjointed parts of it, for which they have no better use, as a sort of fig-leaf to cover the underlying reality: The came, they saw, they conquered, they kept.

  2. Interesting behaviors. Same-but-different from another preacher/apologist for the kleptocracy, John McCain, who assured us bland USans that thanks to ShocknAwwShucks, a fella like him could walk freely and safely and openly in the market on April Fools’ Day, 2007, in Baghdad, where a month earlier, 61 people were killed by a car bomb and associated “insurgent” attacks, way back on April Fool’s Day, 2007. link to crooksandliars.com. Crooks and liars, indeed…

    I wonder what the flight path and equipment of the El Al plane carrying Bloomberg looked like — this, maybe? link to abcnews.go.com And now some of Our Wise Rulers are calling for all US aircraft (the ones they fly on) to be equipped with anti-missile defenses, which ain’t cheap, and probably ain’t exactly safe either: link to en.wikipedia.org Like giving aspirin to a person with bleeding ulcers, to help with the pain…

    And is it not interesting that one part of the US imperial arsenal, and/or its “deniable allies (sic)” like “the Saudis,” are handing out man-portable air defense (sic — should read “attack”) missiles to those “moderates” in Syria we hear so much about: link to online.wsj.com Salient words from the WSJ reporting:

    But if the Manpads are supplied in the quantities needed, rebels said it could tip the balance in the stalemated war in favor of the opposition. The antiaircraft and Russian Konkurs antitank weapons would help them chip away at the regime’s two big advantages on the battlefield—air power and heavy armor.

    “New stuff is arriving imminently,” said a Western diplomat with knowledge of the weapons deliveries.

    Rebel commanders and leaders of the Syrian political opposition said they don’t know yet how many of the Manpads and antiaircraft missiles they will get. But they have been told it is a significant amount. The weapons are already waiting in warehouses in Jordan and Turkey.

    All those MANPADS and other toys Gadaffyduck and his “forces” had piled up in warehouses, just waiting for a “destabilization” to let “militias” and “insurgents” grab ’em and take them “somewhere.” And for Syrian “leakproof moderate forces,”, US-built antiaircraft missiles, and Russian-built guided anti-tank missiles, “waiting in warehouses…” Just worlds of fun, from the worldwide global arms bazaar…

  3. I noticed the same contradiction from a lot of interviewed El Al airlines passengers, besides PM Netanyahu, who kept saying it was safe, but at the same time Israel was ‘under attack’.

    There really is a serious disconnect from reality and compassion in regards to what they’re doing to the Gazans.

  4. Great! Everybody is noticing this now. How can Israel claim that it’s “very existence is threatened” by Hamas’s bombs … but YOUR air flight is in no danger at all?

    So, which one is it?

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