Party of Palin? Why Almost No Scientists Are Republican

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks:

“”A large majority of the public (76%) and nearly all scientists (97%) say that it is appropriate for scientists to become actively involved in political debates on controversial issues such as stem cell research and nuclear power.

Among the public, substantial majorities of Democrats (80%), independents (76%) and Republicans (75%) say it is appropriate for scientists to take an active political role on such issues. While older Americans (those older than 50) and less educated people are somewhat more likely to see scientists’ political involvement as inappropriate, majorities in all major demographic and political groups find this appropriate.

Most Americans do not see scientists as a group as particularly liberal or conservative. Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) say they think of scientists as “neither in particular”; 20% see them as politically liberal and 9% say they are politically conservative.”* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.”

Why Almost No Scientists Are Republican

*Read more here from Pew Research.

4 Responses

  1. It is appropriate for scientists to be involved in politics. But political issues involve values and morals, as well as scientific fact.
    Scientists can also get involved in philosophy and religion. But if they make assertions such as “science is the only way of knowing things” or “nothing exists beyond what science can grasp”, they should make it clear that these are just their beliefs, that these
    opinions are not scientific facts.

    • The problem with limiting science is, then you will give evil people an incentive to place their desire to oppress others under the umbrella of “faith”, which then we are bullied into believing must always take precedence over facts. Re: Hobby Lobby. Too many people think that only religion can dictate values and morals – which means the most extreme religion will run all of its competitors off the road for the honor since the purer the faith, the more “real” the religion.

  2. The good news: Republicans don’t have a problem with scientists stating their views.

    The bad news: Republicans clearly don’t know how many of their dogmas don’t pass muster with most scientists.

    The likely outcome: Republicans will be happy to be presented with the One Right-Wing Scientist to tell them what they want to hear and ignore all the others, just like they’re happy to be presented with the One Right-Wing Black Man who says it’s okay to shoot black kids. They’re looking for validation of what they already are willing to kill for.

  3. I thought that most scientists are too smart to be bothered with politics and/or religion, but what do I know? A true scientist won´t be distracted anyway, so a little dabbling in other things shouldn’t be a problem…

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