British Cabinet Member Resigns over UK Gov’t Gaza Stance, wanted to go to ICC

Channel 4 News

“Sayeeda Warsi, the minister who quit over Gaza, says she had to stand down because of the UK’s “indefensible” position. Watch her first TV interview since her exit”

She said that a conservative member of parliament was on the phone with her “weeping” at the images coming out of Gaza.

(Why are their conservatives so much better than ours?)

Huffington Post notes that Warsi as cabinet minister has relations with the International Criminal Court as part of her portfolio, and she wants to see both Israeli and Hamas figures guilty of war crimes prosecuted. She said she did not see the UK government pursuing this matter, one of the reasons she felt she had to resign according to HuffPo:

“As the minister for the International Criminal Court, I’ve spent the last two and a half years helping to promote, support and fund the ICC. I felt I could not reconcile this with our continued pressure on the Palestinian leadership not to turn to the ICC to seek justice.”

Why I quit over Gaza: exclusive interview with Sayeeda Warsi

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  1. Dear Professor Cole,

    Baroness Warsi is one of four serving ofr frmer UK Conservative ministers whom I have heard in the last three months say “what Israel is doing is Wrong”

    As I listened to her mention that the prospective next leader of the conservative party is a good friend of the Israeli government and how David Dameron and William Hague were gagged by the intervention of one of their main campaign contributors, after a 2009 sstement that Gaza is an open air prison, I realised that the Conservative government is going to be one of the asualties of the Gaza Operation.

    We will not vote for Zionist Stooges (though I wouldn’t have voted for them anyway)

  2. Good on her. British politicians seem to resign on matters of principle far more regularly than their American counterparts. We could learn from their example.

    • Totally agree, but I think our politicians find themselves too exceptional, or perhaps indespensible, to resign over such trifles.

      • The problem is, politicians with consciences are too indispensable. What is the historical record for whether these resignations have done any good or merely purged the gene pool of anyone who isn’t a partisan whore?

  3. British Moslems are doomed to learn the same lesson about white capitalists and their favored parties that American Moslems learned about the GOP after 2000.

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