Hundreds, if not Thousands will Die: Film Crew finds Iraqi Yezidis still Trapped on Mountain

Channel 4 News

“Dramatic footage as our Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Rugman helps drag dehydrated children to the back of a military helicopter who have fled Islamic State forces in northern Iraq.

As the helicopter left Mt Sinjar it came under fire from IS militants and the helicopter crew are filmed returning fire.

Camerawoman: Philippa Collins ”

Helicopter rescue: with the Yazidis on Mt Sinjar

2 Responses

  1. I understand how these state-less legions of extremists can inflict death and horror on people like Yezidis. The Yezidis are unsophisticated “hillbillys” in Iraq.

    I still don’t understand how these legions can threaten entire countries. Fighting wars and taking territory requires supply lines to assure that materiel and supplies continue to the front lines of the warriors. Lots of room for ambushes and Guerilla tactics by the home team.
    Also, when the extremists spend troops and bullets on the Yezidis, then that is fewer to fight Kurds et al.
    It seems like the IS would fail eventually against the Kurds and others.

  2. Gee, Professor, I thought from all the cheerleading stuff I have been reading about our humanitarian intervention, all this had been comfortably taken care of, with them oh so competent air strikes and air drops, and a little help from the pesh merga, so we should not be troubling ourselves any further about what the Gunmen of IS might be doing to them Yedizis or however you spell it… You mean to say that what we mopes are being led to think is just not so?

    And Jay, might I offer that these dudes appear to be more than a “state-less legion of extremists.” they appear to have learned well the art of converting from mercenaries into Horde, and “we” have apparently been paying a pretty penny to provide the supplies, munitions and weapons of all sizes and types that these dudes have managed to vacuum up. And as pointed out in other posts here, the “Caliph” and his cronies apparently have learned a lot from Al Capone and the Chicago political machine about how to self-fund by extortion and robbery.

    Too bad that “we” and the rest of the Imperial players have done such a good job of fertilizing the ground via “our” behaviors and policies in supposed pursuit of “interests” that are now screwing over the ordinary people all over the planet. And wasting us and our only living space with a pretty malignant set of diseases…

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