“Let my People Fish”: After the war, Israeli Blockade leaves Gaza Civilians Protein Poor

DW: “People in Gaza are trying to rebuild their lives as the ceasefire holds. Fishermen have returned to work [still under severe restrictions]; people salvage what they can from the wreckage of homes.”

DW: “Gaza: Life After the War | Journal”

There are no, zero, security reasons for interfering with Gaza fisherman out to 12 nautical miles. This is just one people being mean to another, putting Palestinians “on a diet.” In other words, it is a war crime.

I wrote last December,

” [The] World Bulletin [writes],

“Gaza fishermen complain that the measure has negatively affected their business, saying their annual haul of fish has since fallen from pre-blockade levels of some 4,000 tons to a current 1,500 tons. Of the Gaza Strip’s almost two million inhabitants, some 40,000 earn their living through fishing, according to the Palestinian Fishermen’s Union.”

That’s the “easing” of the blockade that Israeli government spokesmen speak of to the world…

Israeli gunships routinely aim live fire at the Palestinian fishermen. On Nov. 20, headlines screamed that “Israeli forces capture two Palestinian fishermen and seize their Boat off Gaza”. What next? “Brave Israeli navy destroys Palestinian children’s sand castles on the beach”?”

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  1. And brave U.S. politicians continue to support Israel with words, weapons, lots of money, and the threat of the veto at the Security Council.

  2. The political echo, for both Republicans and Democrats: “Israel has a right to defend itself” sounds like a broken record.
    Latest real news (that the MSM, politicians and Zionist apologists will totally ignore) is that Israel is expropriating about 1000 acres more on the West Bank.
    ….and the beat goes on.

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