Concentrated Solar Plant in Tunisian Sahara aims to sell Clean Electricity to Europe


“The TuNur project aims to generate clean energy from a giant solar plant in the Tunisian Sahara from where it will be connected to the European electricity grid via a dedicated undersea cable. TuNur say their initiative will produce roughly twice as much energy as any current nuclear power plant and can even produce energy when the sun is down. Matthew Stock reports.

Reuters Plus: “Saharan solar power opens energy corridor to Europe”

2 Responses

  1. This is extremely astute on behalf of the Tunisians. The EU is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by a significant amount by 2040. This will dovetail perfectly with that policy.

  2. If Tunisia gets the electric transmission infrastructure into Europe totally in place, then when neighboring countries build vastly huger solar farms on small fractions of their vastly huger territories, they might well choose to sell and deliver their current over those already-established Tunisia-Europe lines. Production profits for the Big Solar Farmers, transmission profits for Tunisia, more Zero Carbon electricurrent for Europe.

    And it bears repeating . . . some of the vast quantities of electricurrrent generated by day could be used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen, and store the hydrogen in huge pressure tanks or caverns or whatever, and burn it back into water every night to re-extract the energy-of-electrolysis and send that electicurrent out over the very same Tunisia-Europe power lines.

    Et Viola’ ! Ze night-time intermittency problem, she is le’ Solve!

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