Why is Kobani Important? ISIS advances against Syrian Kurds despite US Airstrikes


“The Islamic State Group (aka ISIS or ISIL) is knocking on the doors of Kobani, a Syrian town on the border of Turkey. Desperate Kurdish fighters have been battling them for weeks. But it’s not looking so good.”

AJ+ “ISIS Prepares To Take Kobani Despite U.S. Airstrikes”

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  1. WarrenIsMad

    @ohboywhatashot Kobani is Obama’s juicy fruit. How much more of this horrible Juicy Fruit are we supposed to watch? #tcot #huh?

  2. I think Turkey is sitting back, waiting/hoping for ISIL to weaken its Kurdish problem, after which Turkey will move against ISIL.

    It’s the old “two birds with one stone” strategy.
    If the US intervenes with ground troops, that’s even better from Turkey’s perspective.

  3. I think it’s the responsibility of the entire world to act against ISIS. If the world doesn’t act against ISIS then we’re facing global catastrophy. A war against ISIS is responsibility of all human beings as ISIS is our joint enemy. ISIS must be obliterated. I appeal to USA, Turkey, Russia and the powerful nations including China to move and destroy ISIS.

    • ISIL is not a global threat; it is a regional threat, part of the rebel forces which the US and Middle East dictatorships and private donors have been supporting, arming, training.

      ISIL wants US to intervene militarily; this is its key recruiting tool.

      This approach has never worked. Are the Taliban gone in Afghanistan? Are the Sunnis pacified in Iraq? Have the rebels, which includes ISIL, defeated Assad and brought about regime change (a violation of the UN Human Rights charter)?

      Has US support for fascist Ukraine coup regime succeeded against the pro-autonomy “terrorists” of eastern Ukraine.

      This is all a fulfillment of bin Laden’s plan: provoke US into unending wars in many places and bankrupt the regime.

      By increasing US military involvement, the only result will be, as always, the growth of extremism.

      Extremism is like internet trolling: don’t feed the trolls.

      Let the regions involved deal with this regional problem.
      If we are going to help anyone, it would be Syria…but the US is still looking for ways to provoke a direct attack by the US on Assad. He hasn’t bitten.

      The way to end terrorism is to stop committing it and stop supporting terrorists, such as the Kiev thugs, the anti-govt death squads in Syria, and the anti-Kurdish Turkish regime.

      There was a time less than 15 yrs ago when al Quada was in ONE nation. We attacked (ignoring the Taliban govt offers to turn him over to a neutral 3d nation if show evidence), then attacked again in Iraq……and suddenly, al Quada is everywhere!

      There is a lesson to be learned in that sequence. Attempts to eliminate violence with violence, terrorism with terrorism, usually backfire. Violence begets violence. If violence created peace by defeating evil, there would today be no evil, no wars, no violence. When will we learn?

      There was a time under Eisenhower and JFK, when Penatagon brass were lobbying the President to use nukes in regional conflicts. The ultimate lesson was that the US should stay out of regional conflicts, lest they become world wars or increase the death toll.

  4. NOT convincing. This does not answer the question of why Konbani is any more significant than, say, Hit.

    It also does not answer the question as to why Kobani refugees deserve more sympathy than the millions of refugees the US created during its occupation of Iraq.

    And now the drums are beating in Congress for the US to do more of what it did to Iraq from 2003 to 2009. Will the bleeding hearts stop more US destruction of Iraq!

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