Will Egypt Intervene in Libya as part of Generals’ War on Political Islam?

CCTV Africa:

“Pressure is growing on Egypt’s government to intervene in Libya. That’s after the emergence this week of an Islamic State-style caliphate – close to the Egyptian border. Many in Cairo say, the government needs to deploy military force in Libya, to crush the threat.”

CCTV Africa:
“Pressure mounting on Egyptian government to intervene in Libya”

2 Responses

  1. Foreign intervention in regards to Benghazi or Derna is possible but the increasingly poisoned reputation that Egypt has in Tripolitania means that serious obstacles would occur if Egypt became involved in the Misratan-Amazigh-Zawiya vs Zintani-Warshafana-Noble Tribes conflict. .

    Egypt hasn’t really been willing to act in Syria or Iraq. Even though it can be argued that the proximity of Libya to makes this case different, movements in Libya draw hope from seeing the limited Egyptian reaction to serious calamities. The Egyptian response to the Gaza conflict gives forces across the region hope that there is little to fear from the Egyptian military. They perceived it as exuding weakness and inability during the Gaza war.

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