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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but to my knowledge it is not a ‘biblical story’ to assert that the Hebrews built the pyramids, either.

    • There is no archeological evidence for the reign of Ramses II that there were enslaved Jews in Egypt at all, much less of slave revolts or the Red Sea closing on the pharaoh. Nor were there probably at that time “Jews” as opposed to Canaanites with a special emphasis on a particular deity among others. The bible does not say anything about the pyramids (the famous ones much predate Ramses II and the rise of Judaism as a religion). Israeli leader Menachem Begin asserted in speeches that Jews built the pyramids.

        • Egyptian public works workers appear to have been paid salaries and provided with beer; large scale urban slave labor doesn’t appear to be their thing. No evidence of Jewish slaves in the archeological record.

  2. In fact, there are about two thousand years between the building of the Great Pyramids and a religion that we’d recognize nowadays as Jewish.

  3. The Egyptians are correct that the pyramids weren’t built by Jewish slaves. Much that is in the old testament is historically inaccurate. Moses probably never even existed. Nonetheless, why should they bother to ban a Hollywood movie over the issue? Nobody expects historical accuracy from Hollywood.

    • Never mind Hollywood…we should expect historical accuracy from a Bible story???

      All the evidence we have shows that the people who built the Pyramids were skilled workers, and as Juan mentions, paid quite well for their efforts.

      It was a big public works project; and injected a lot of wealth into the Egyptian economy. Kept people fed, paid and happy (and not revolting!).

      Might as well call Rameses II Keyneses I :-)

    • So we can then take the 10 Commandments from Charleton Heston’s cold, dead hands while leaving his musket?

    • “Nobody expects historical accuracy from Hollywood.”
      And yet the yoof of today have their minds shaped by this dross.
      I vividly recall with shock a person at my workplace citing “Pearl Harbour”, of all films, for enlightening them about that event!

      It is not a difficult thing to get right, so why ignore all evidence and get it so fundamentally wrong?

  4. Daniel Barham,

    Nothing anywhere in the Bible claims that Jewish slaves built the pyramids. The claim that it does is deeply a-textual.

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