“Palestinian State Essential to a Democratic Israel” – Frmr Israeli President Shimon Peres

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“In France, former Israeli President Shimon Peres said that a Palestinian State is necessary in order to have a democratic Jewish state. This statement came the same day that the United States and Israel dismissed the Palestine peace plan that was submitted by Jordan to the UN. teleSUR

TeleSur English: “Peres: Palestinian state necessary in order for a democratic Israel”

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  1. That is what Rabin understood which led him and his delegation into his end of Oslo. That is what a voting majority of the Israeli public at the time understood and demonstrated their desire for by re-electing Rabin over Netanyahu. That is what Netanyahu , Likud, and elements within Israeli security understood when they arranged the Rabin assassination. They also understood that Peres had no basic bravery and no military-service credibility, and would not be able to hold up and advance his end of the process.
    So Netanyahu knew what he was doing when he played his part in engineering the Rabin hit.
    Regretabbly, the Rabinists and Rabin voters did not understand that they were in a Civil War which could only have been won by crushing the Likudists into political and civil extinction and the Likudist voters into humble obedience to the Rabinist majority.

    Oh well . . . . too late now.

    • Different Clue:

      That’s a helluva accusation you make. While Netanyahu benefited tremendously from Rabin’s death, you present zero evidence (and there is zero evidence) supporting your claim. Netanyahu may be vicious, amoral and seemingly interested only in power. But, responsible for Rabin’s murder? Absolute nonsense

  2. Toosinbeymen B.

    I couldn’t agree more. How can Israel be a democracy when a large portion of its population is under martial law or in a giant outdoor prison.

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