Syrian Refugees in Turkey struggle to Cope with Frigid Winter

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“As budget shortfalls continue to plague UN relief agencies, the colder weather brings with it further challenges for the millions of Syrian refugees who have fled the war zones in Syria. While some refugee camps inside Syria and Iraq are being equipped with emergency winter kits, including heating stoves, blankets, mattresses and warm clothing, many more are left without.”

CCTV: “Syrian refugees struggle to cope with winter’s chill”

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More than 6 million children are affected by the brutal, three-year-old conflict in Syria. Children have been put at risk by unrelenting violence, crumbling infrastructure, ruined schools and hospitals, and shortages of essential supplies. In some areas, UNICEF is maintaining the entire water supply.

Refugee camps in the countries bordering Syria are overflowing. There are now more than 1 million child refugees who have fled Syria. That’s more than the combined under-18 populations of Los Angeles and Boston.

To support Syria’s children, UNICEF has helped mobilize the largest humanitarian operation in history, supplying food, water, education, clothing and critical immunizations in Syria and neighboring countries. 2.3 million children have been vaccinated against measles. Nearly 17 million people have received clean, safe water. 400,000 children who cannot attend school will learn through a UNICEF-supported home-based program.

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