Iraq: Yezidis return home to find Mass Graves, Daesh/ISIL Massacres

Euronews | —

“Yazidi refugees from the Iraqi village of Hardan returned to their homes for the first time on Tuesday after being driven out by Islamic militants in August.

They were hoping to find out what happened to their friends and family who were captured by ISIL. What they discovered confirmed their worst fears: four mounds of freshly dug earth they believe are mass graves.

“We don’t know how many people are here but we know that 530 people from our village were arrested,” explains one man, walking … ”

Euronews: “Yazidi return home to find mass graves”

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  1. Rokewood

    we must tell the ISIS leadership they will be hunted to the ends of the earth for all of their lives to answer for their crimes

    • you mean,
      like we hunted the members of the Bush Administration for far greater crimes,
      against almost the same people ?

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