Twitter mirth after Steve Emerson’s Fox Nonsense re: Birmingham as Muslim ‘no-go’ Zone

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) —

Steve Emerson, a major figure in the Islamophobic network on which our right wing billionaires spend roughly $10 million a year, and who has even been paid for his wisdom by the US government, delivered himself of the most remarkable set of weird conspiracy theories on Fox Cable News, in which he claimed there were extensive Muslim no-go zones in Europe that amounted to a stealth caliphate ruled by sharia enforcers. He instanced Birmingham, UK.

He said,

“In Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in. And, parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to religious Muslim attire.”

Birmingham is a city of about a million, about the size of Dallas or San Jose, which is 22% Muslim. It doesn’t have any sharia-ruled enclaves where white Christians fear to tread. See below for the video and Cenk Uygur’s hilarious refutation.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was having breakfast when the allegation was reported to him and he nearly choked on his porridge. He said of Emerson that “he must be a complete idiot.”

Emerson initially blamed the Oklahoma City bombing on Muslims (it was two white far right gun nuts), and virtually nothing he has ever said about Islam is correct. He doesn’t have any credentials– he just appointed himself an expert, and then cranky rich people give him money. Emerson continues to be brought on television regularly and is widely read on Islam even though he just makes stuff up. It is another sign of how corrupt the US information system is. Actual Middle East experts are blackballed in DC and on television and quacks like this are given a platform to address millions.

Twitter, under the hashtag #foxnewsfacts, let Emerson have it:




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  1. And Birmingham has one very distinguished Muslim citizen – Malala Yousafzai, winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Steve Emerson has a Masters degree in sociology. There are millions of sociologists who agree with him. It’s time to have a frank discussion about sociology. If there are any moderate sociology professors, they need to speak out.

  3. 22% of the Birmingham population are Muslim, not 14%.

    There are a couple of areas which the more Islamophobic would fear to tread in the city, that is true. Some parts of Small Heath are pretty ghettoized. And it is true that some gangs go around telling people how to behave, although i’ve never heard of anyone getting a beating for not wearing religious garb.

    It’s normally for drinking beer outside of a mosque (there are videos of this on youtube).

    Source: I was born in Birmingham and lived there for 25 years.

    • Birmingham was a heavy duty hippie music town. Black Sabbath, Traffic and two members of Led Zep come from there.

    • Some parts of castle vale and Solihull are “ghettoized” too, white people need to integrate.

  4. If Birmingham was an American city, the far right would really be worried about Muslims taking over. From 2001-2011, the Muslim population increased from 14% to almost 22%. The city has 200 mosques. That’s over 200,000 Muslims out of a population of just over one million in a city located in the middle of England.

  5. osiris322

    #Emerson @FoxNews “Actual Middle East experts..blackballed in DC..on TV..quacks like this are given..platform to address millions”

  6. Much worse than the meretricious claptrap out of Emerson and his ilk is the gullibility of so many people who believe them.

  7. Must be Rupert Murdoch’s advisor. Hilarious responses though. Unfortunately these are the ‘experts’ the US govt and security are listening to and tells you the alarming level of ignorance and how that could affect ordinary citizens.

  8. And, what does it say about the Faux Newz anchor who was apparently soaking up this nonsense and encouraging Emerson in his drivel?

  9. BearTruth

    FOX have the resources to get actual expert opinions. They’re obviously seeking to misinform the poorly traveled American public.

  10. Julie Langston

    @cenkuygur Roger Ailes apparently doesn’t care if Fox spokesmodels are cross-eyed n daft as long as they show lots of leg, cleavage

  11. Not an idiot, Mr. Cameron, but a Murdoch henchman just like yourself. Consider where your master is leading Britain before it’s too late.

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